UAE visit visa change; New low-cost flight options for tourist extension stay

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Published 12 months ago on 4 August, 2023-667 views
UAE visit visa change in new rule of tourist extension stay

UAE visit visa change is one of the most cost-effective ways for the UAE visit visa holders to extend their stay. According to travel agents, Salam Air’s twice-weekly flight from Fujairah to Muscat is quickly becoming the go-to flight for those looking to make the tourist visa change run. When compared to taking a flight from elsewhere, this service saves approximately Dh200. People who have come to the UAE to look for work, as well as those who are staying to spend time with their children or extended families, are taking flights from Fujairah.

Visitors can extend their UAE visas from within the country, but only for one month. When the cost and validity of the in-country extension are considered, most visitors prefer to fly out of the country and return on a new visa.

UAE visit visa change Benefits

Pick-up and drop-off from Dubai and Sharjah are included in the Fujairah package, with free shuttle service benefits. In Dubai, a bus picks up passengers from Deira near the Union Metro Station. Sharjah’s residents can board the bus near the Saudi Mosque. These buses will return the travelers to their original destinations. These free shuttle services allow visitors to save money on bus or taxi fares to Fujairah.

Another factor contributing to the package’s popularity is the ease of flying out of Fujairah Airport. Visitors usually fly out of Dubai or Sharjah for the visa run, which results in the usual traffic jams at these airports. SalamAir’s service to Muscat is the first international flight from Fujairah Airport. As a result, check-in and immigration are a breeze for travelers.

If the new visit visa is not approved on the same day, the airline will provide a free ticket amendment to the next day. Passengers on this flight will travel to Dubai.

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UAE visit visa change options

UAE visit visa change options
UAE visit visa change options

Those who need to change their visa status can also travel to Oman by bus. However, because the seats are limited, they are almost always fully booked. Furthermore, the Sharjah Airport Travel Agency (SATA) has packages that include two daily flights, one to Bahrain and one to Oman.

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The new UAE visit visa cost

The new UAE visit visa change with the new visa change package from Fujairah can cost between 1,050 Dh and 1,250 Dh, depending on flight fees. According to the chief operating officer of, an online travel agency.

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UAE work residence visa

This is the visa required to legally work in the UAE. This process should be handled by your employer, who should arrange for medical tests, photographs, passport copies, an attested educational certificate, and, in this case, a company sponsor. It will grant you a two-year residency permit that can be transferred if you change jobs.

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The UAE Golden visa

The UAE Golden visa
The UAE Golden visa

The UAE golden visa is granted to highly skilled or talented long-term residents (via an application process). It is highly sought after in the UAE and grants a 10-year residency.

It was recently updated to include additional skills, roles, and means of qualification. Furthermore, if you own property or a business, or work in education or law, you may be eligible.

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UAE Green Residence visa

The five-year green residence visa, designed to attract skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and freelancers, is an intriguing option for those who are unable to apply for residency through the traditional employer or sponsor route. Eligibility will be determined by salary and qualifications, but this is likely to be a desirable visa category for experienced freelancers and small business owners.

Those with green cards can extend their benefits to family members for five years and keep their resident status for six months after their visa is canceled or expired. You can apply for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security through the Federal Authority (ICP).

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What if I’m in UAE as a tourist?

Entry UAE tourist visa visitor will now be valid for two months and will be available in three types:
• All visitors and tourist visa holders require a 60-day entry visa.
• A 60-day visa is available for those interested in exploring job opportunities in the UAE.
• 60-day visa to investigate business opportunities.
Those who overstay their visit visa will be fined Dhs50 per day.

What if I’m coming to the UAE without a job?

If you are new to the UAE and want to work, you can apply for a job-seeker visa with a validity period of 60, 90, or 120 days. You must meet certain criteria set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE), which you can read about here – or be a graduate of one of the world’s best 500 universities, according to the Ministry of Education’s list. In addition, you must have graduated within the last two years. You must also have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and meet certain financial requirements.

What about my family?

Until recently, all country visa types allowed parents to sponsor their children until they reached the age of 18. Parents can now sponsor children up to the age of 25. Parents can sponsor unmarried female children until they reach the age of 18, and children of determination will receive a residency permit at any age. Those with green residence visas can issue residency permits to their family (first-degree relatives) for the same duration as their own.

That was all you need to know about the UAE visit visa change, new rules for tourist extension stay, green and golden visas, and more. The UAE is one of the most desirable places to live on the planet. If you’re new or have yet to take the plunge, because of the UAE visa rules, and have questions about the UAE visa extension rules, check out the guide above.

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