UAE Immigration Fees; Navigating Visa Costs and Services

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Published 8 months ago on 22 September, 2023-474 views
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As Dubai and other cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have emerged as popular travel destinations for visitors and travelers around the world, it is important to familiarize oneself with the immigration fees associated with entering the country. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the UAE immigration fees, including visa fees, service charges, and associated costs. By understanding these fees, individuals can better plan their travel, for short visits, longer stays, or transit purposes.

UAE Visa Fees

Visitors and travelers to the UAE must obtain the appropriate visa based on their purpose of travel. The visa fees can vary depending on the type, duration, and entry options. Key types of UAE visas include:

  • UAE tourist visa: this visa is designed for those visiting the UAE for tourism purposes. The fees for a UAE tourist visa vary based on the duration and type, such as a single-entry tourist visa valid for 30 days or a multiple-entry tourist visa valid for 30 or 90 days.
  • UAE transit visa: for individuals transiting through the UAE, a transit visa may be required. The fees for transit visas also vary depending on the duration, typically available for 48 hours or 96 hours.

In addition to UAE visa fees, there are service charges associated with the visa application process:

Application Fees

Visa application fees cover the administrative costs involved in processing the visa application. These fees are payable at the time of visa submission and differ based on the visa type and duration.

Service Fees

visa fees and service fees are charged by authorized agents or visa processing centers responsible for facilitating the visa application process. These UAE immigration fees can vary and are in addition to the visa application fees.

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UAE Immigration Fees Payment and Validity

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uae immigration payment

UAE immigration fees are usually payable in local currency (AED) or in some cases, major international currencies such as USD. Payment can be made via various methods, including online or at authorized payment centers. It is essential to note the validity of the visas and associated costs, as this varies depending on the type of visa:

  1. Single Entry Visas: These visas allow individuals to enter the UAE once and are typically valid for specific durations, such as 30 days. The cost of single-entry tickets is generally lower compared to multiple-entry keys.
  2. Multiple Entry Visas: For those intending to travel to the UAE multiple times within a specified period, multiple entry visas are suitable. These visas allow individuals to enter and exit the country multiple times, with a validity of usually 30 or 90 days. However, multiple-entry visas are often more expensive compared to single entry visas.

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UAE immigration documents

In order to obtain a residence visa in the UAE, immigrants must provide the most 7 important documents below, then you have to pay the UAE immigration fees:

  • A valid passport along with a photocopy.
  • Passport photos.
  • An Emirates ID card.
  • An entry permit was issued by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Medical screening results.
  • A copy of the employer’s company card.
  • A copy of the company’s commercial license.

Residence Permits and Fees

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uae residence

For individuals seeking long-term residence in the UAE, residence permits or visas are required. The costs associated with residence permits can vary depending on factors such as sponsorships, duration, and other related services.

Sponsorship Costs

To obtain a residence permit, applicants must have a UAE citizen or resident sponsor. Sponsors can be employers, family members, or companies. The sponsorship process incurs costs related to issuance, renewal, and administration.

Renewal Fees

Residence permits require periodic renewal, usually every few years, with associated fees. The renewal fees vary depending on the duration and visa type.

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How much is the fee for an Emirates ID?

Applicants who need to replace a lost or damaged ID will be required to pay AED 300, in addition to application fees of AED 70 if applying through typing centers or AED 40 if applying through the eForm on the ICA website. These fees are applicable to all UAE nationals, GCC nationals, and expatriate residents.

Understanding the UAE immigration fees is essential for visitors, travelers, and those seeking long-term residence within the country. By familiarizing themselves with visa fees, service charges, and associated costs, individuals can better prepare financially for their travel or residential needs. It is advisable to consult official UAE immigration websites, authorized agents, or relevant authorities to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on immigration fees and requirements, as these may be subject to change over time.

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