UAE visa for engineers; different types, costs & benefits

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UAE visa for engineers: acivil engineer with white cap

The United Arab Emirates has become a hub for engineering professionals seeking new opportunities and career growth. With its booming construction and infrastructure development, the UA Emirates offers a plethora of job opportunities for engineers from all over the world. However, before they can work in the UAE, they must obtain the necessary visa and work permits. In this article, we will explore the different types of the UAE visa for engineers, costs, benefits, and more. Whether you are a new graduate or an experienced engineer looking to work in the UA Emirates, understanding the UAE visa for engineers requirements is crucial for a successful career in this dynamic country.

What is uae visa for engineers?

  Uae visa for engineers is essentially an employment visa that allows engineering professionals to work in the UA Emirates. This type of visa is specifically designed for engineers who have been offered a job in the country or who are seeking employment in the engineering sector.

In order to apply for uae visa for engineers, you must go through the standard employment visa application process, which involves several steps.

These steps typically include obtaining a job offer from a UAE-based employer, obtaining a labor approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), and obtaining a residence visa from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Types of the UAE Visa for Engineers

Types of the UAE Visa for Engineers; blue passport & airplain

There are many types of UAE visas available for engineers, depending on the specific needs and circumstances of the individual. Here are some of the best 5 types of the UAE visa for engineers to apply for:

Golden Visa or Skilled Worker Visa

 This type is for engineers who have been offered a job in Emirates UAE in a skilled worker role, such as engineers in the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering.

The Skilled Worker Visa is valid for 5 or 10 years, depending on the type of visa you apply for. It can be renewed upon expiration, provided that you continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

 Investor Visa

This type is for engineers who are starting a business or investing in a UAE-based company. It allows the engineer to work and live in Emirates (UAE) while operating their own business or investing in an existing business. It is typically valid for three years and can be renewed.

Freelancer Visa

It is for engineers who are self-employed or working as a freelancer in the united arab emirate. It allows them to work for multiple clients and projects without being tied to a specific employer. Not only that, but it is typically valid for three years and can be renewed.

Spousal Visa

This type is for the spouse of an engineer who is working in the united Arab emirate. It allows the spouse to live and work while their partner is employed in the country. It is typically valid for three years and can be renewed.

Mission Visa

This type of visa is for engineers who are working on short-term projects or assignments in the united Arab emirate. It is valid for 90 days and can be extended for an additional 30 days.

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UAE golden visa for engineers

uae golden visa for engineers; an engineer and blue passport

The UAE Golden Visa is a long-term residency program that was introduced by the uae government in 2019. UAE has approved golden visa for more professionals of certain categories of individuals, including golden visa for specialists in engineering, and golden visa to all PhD holders to obtain a 10-year residency in the country.

Benefits of golden visa uae

Golden residency visa are aimed at investors, doctors engineers scientists, all specialists, and talents 

  • Long-term residence visa for 10 years in the United Arab emirate.
  • Ability to sponsor family members for residence in the country.
  •  Access to various government services and facilities.
  •  Opportunity to establish a long-term presence in the country and take advantage of the many opportunities in the engineering industry.

Requirements for golden visa UAE

Visa will grant if applicant’s documentary including:

  •  An approved degree in a relevant field of engineering.
  •   At least 10 years of experience in the engineering industry.
  • Valid employment contract with a UAE-based company.
  • Monthly salary of at least AED 30,000 (approximately USD 8,167) or hold savings of at least AED 1 million (approximately USD 272,000).
  • Valid UAE health insurance.
  • Pass a security background check and provide biometric data to the uae government.

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uae engineer visa requirements

uae engineer visa requirements; an mechanical engineer and his permit

Here are documents required for engineer visa in UAE government for obtaining the uae visa for engineers:

  1. Valid Passport: with a minimum validity of six months.
  2. Job Offer: from a UAE-based employer in the engineering field.
  3. Degree or Relevant Work Experience: in the engineering field.
  4. Labor Approval: obtain it from (MOHRE) for the engineer’s employment.
  5. Health Certificate: The applicant must undergo a medical examination.
  6. Security Clearance: undergo a security background check and provide biometric data.
  7. Sponsorship: The employer must provide sponsorship for the engineer’s visa and provide certain documents, such as a valid trade license and a copy of the employment contract.

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Engineer visa cost in UAE

The cost of the uae visa for engineers can vary depending on several factors, Here are some general costs of obtaining a UAE visa for engineers:

  1. Visa Application Fee: vary depending on the type of visa and the applicant’s nationality. For a 90-day tourist visa it is AED 350, while it is AED 5,000 for a 3-year employment visa.
  2. Medical Exam Fee: It ranges from AED 300 to AED 500.
  3. Emirates ID card Fee: It costs AED 370.
  4. Residency Visa Fee: varies depending on the type and duration of the passport. The fee for a 3-year employment visa is AED 3,000

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The benefits of uae visa for engineers

The emirates uae visa for engineers provides several benefits for engineers who wish to work in the country. Here are some of the key benefits of a UAE engineer visa:

  1. Work and live in the UAE legally.
  2. Access to high-paying jobs in a dynamic engineering industry.
  3. Opportunity to sponsor family members for residency in the UAE.
  4. Emirates ID card for access to government services and facilities.
  5. Tax-free income.

How can I get Engineering visa in the UAE?

The steps to obtain an engineering residence visa in the UAE:
1. Obtain a Job Offer.
2. Get Labor Approval.
3. Apply for an Entry Permit.
4. Undergo Medical Exam.
5. Apply for Residency Visa.
6. Obtain an Emirates ID Card.
7. Complete Security Clearance.

Diploma holder can get engineer visa in the UAE?

In general, the UAE requires individuals who want to obtain an engineering visa to have a degree in engineering or a related field. However, in some cases, individuals who hold a diploma in engineering and have sufficient work experience may also be eligible for an engineering visa.

How can I change my technician visa to engineer visa in UAE?

If you currently hold a technician visa in the UAE and wish to change it to an engineer visa, you may be able to do so by obtaining a Degree in Engineering. To be eligible for an engineer visa in the UAE, You must have a degree in engineering or a related field.

Can a mechanical engineer get golden visa in UAE?

Yes, a mechanical engineer can be eligible for the UAE Golden Visa, provided that they meet the eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible for UAE E visa?

The UAE E-visa is an electronic visa that is available to individuals of certain nationalities who wish to visit the UAE for a short period for tourism, business or medical purposes

The UAE visa for engineers provides a range of benefits for engineers who wish to work and live in the UAE. It provides access to high-paying jobs, career advancement opportunities, and a high standard of living. Additionally, it allows engineers to sponsor their families for residency in the UAE and enjoy a tax-free income. The UAE government aims to attract and retain top talent in the critical sectors to help drive innovation and economic growth in the country.

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