UAE immigration laws; an overview of legal regulations and entry visa rules 2023 United Arab Emirates

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UAE immigration laws and visa rules for entering the UAE flag passport and plane

UAE immigration laws; The United Arab Emirates always strives to become an ideal destination for investment, education, and leadership in the business world. This requires regulating entry and exit and residing in the country. We will explain everything you need about the UAE visa when you travel to the UAE, applicable legal regulations, and the individuals with passport requirements to enter the country legally. So what are the uae new residence visa rules?

What are the UAE immigration laws?

Immigration laws in the United Arab Emirates play a significant role in regulating the entry to Emirates UAE, exit, and residence of foreigners in the Emirate UAE. We find that the provisions of the Federal Immigration Law No. 6 of 1973, amended by Law No. 13 of 1996, set the rules for the visa system required to be obtained to travel to the Emirates.

This is in addition to decrees and ministerial decisions that issue executive regulations related to UAE immigration laws, stipulated in Decree No. 360 of 1997.

New visit visa rules in UAE 2023

The new rules and news of the UAE visit visa 2023 the background of the UAE flag and passport

UAE immigration laws clarified the advanced visa system for the UAE, which its immigration policy aims to boost, which came into effect as the new visa rules were announced. These changes can have a significant impact on tourists as well as those who want to work in the UAE in UAE labor. The Ministry of Immigration includes various advantages. We explain uae new visa rules today as follows: 

  • Extended 10-year golden visa plan.
  • Five-year green residency, favorable to skilled workers.
  • New multiple-entry tourist visa (stay up to 90 days).

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The new UAE immigration laws

Several new amendments were made to the UAE immigration laws in 2015 by the Ministry of UAE government and immigration authorities. Here is a summary of what was issued in this regard, which explains the country’s current immigration policy and aims in the immigration regulations:

  • Decree 764 regulates employment contracts and workers.

Based on the first new decree mentioned, the employment contract is approved as soon as it is approved and signed. It also reduces what the Dubai company sends to the foreign job candidate.

  • Decree 765 for termination of the limited, which is not subject to a fixed term.

Also, Article No. 2 of the new Immigration Law of 2015 allows for terminating work that may occur. Both parties agree to end the working relationship that binds them before the expiry of the agreed contract period itself.

  • Decree 766 issuing new work permits.

It is subject to the release of a new work permit in Dubai directly upon completion of a previous old work contract in labor laws. This also applies to skilled foreign workers of the first, second, and third categories.

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Advantages of UAE immigration laws

The immigration system in the UAE includes new advantages, as the validity entry and residence system has been restructured. That is an overview of legal regulations and enters the UAE immigration laws and visa rules. It boils down to the following points, UAE’s immigration:

Fiveyear green residency

  • The Green Visa is granted for five years to foreigners on their sponsorship without assistance.
  • Green visa holders can sponsor family members themselves.
  • When a green visa holder’s permit expires, they are given up to six months to renew it.

UAE golden visa

  • The golden visa is granted for 10 years to investors, businessmen, and talents in various fields.
  • Golden visa holders are entitled to sponsor their family members and children.
  • The family of the golden visa holder has the right to survive after the holder’s death.
  • Golden visa holders enjoy the benefits of 100% ownership of the business.

UAE Tourist Visa & Work Visa

  • Tourist visas allow visitors to stay in the UAE for 60 days.
  • A five-year multiple-entry tourist visa allows visitors to stay for 90 consecutive days.

Work Visa

The job search visa allows professionals to search for job opportunities without a sponsor or host.

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law and implementing regulations

Immigration law in UAE and its implementation, the background of the Emirates logo and judge's gavel

Immigrants’ travel to the UAE requires specific bases, and it has renewed its immigration laws. This renewal introduced a set of visa rules that pertain to tourists and residents of the country and those wishing to work in it. In the following points, learn about the most prominent of these new multi-rules: 

  • Adding ten types of current entry visas and residence permits.
  • Expansion of golden visa categories in this rule.
  • Implementation of visa and entry rules to empower small and medium enterprises.
  • It is enhancing the development of the business sector in the UAE.
  • A new service has been recently added to the ICA system for issuing visas, and it includes the following:
  1. Families visiting the country for tourism or treatment and accompanying a patient.
  1. Whether the visit is for one or several trips for 60 days or 180 days.

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Conditions for immigration to the UAE

UAE immigration laws and Visa Rules 2023 United Arab Emirates; It regulates the conditions for traveling people to the territory of the United Arab Emirates. It has become a destination for many investors in the Middle East and worldwide and students wishing to study at its different universities.

Not only this but other purposes of travel and residence, as it is also a great tourist attraction and provides opportunities for work in the field of tourism. UAE may, by rules, apply firm law implemented.

In general, it brings the required documents upon country’s immigration, which are as follows entering the ape including:

  • A valid arrival passport and a recent photo.
  • Submission of the financial document proving the person’s self-support.
  • Proof of the person’s place of residence.
  • Scholarship documents and pass the recommendations to students.
  • Job offer letter for those wishing to work.
  • The title deed of the property for residents.
  • Information about the sponsor upon request.

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What are the requirements to immigrate to UAE?

Immigration to the United Arab Emirates requires a travel visa and entry permit to the country, as stipulated in the UAE Immigration Laws.

Is it possible to immigrate to UAE?

Yes, you can move to the UAE permanently or temporarily, and the necessary conditions must be met according to the UAE immigration laws.

What are the new immigration rules in Dubai?

Dubai has instituted a new visa extension rule requiring travelers to leave to extend their visas. Dubai visit visa is renewable twice with a maximum stay of 60 days. It is also for about 600 AED.

What is the new UAE residency rule?

The UAE Cabinet issued Resolution 85 on September 9, 2022. According to the tax law or the bilateral tax agreement, an individual or legal entity is considered a tax resident in the UAE from March 1, 2023.

In the previous presentation, we presented the most important provisions of the UAE immigration laws and entering the UAE. These new rules granted benefits to golden visa holders as well as green visa holders. We also found that the new UAE visa system has expanded to include many and varied categories that want to immigrate to the UAE’s immigration. You must follow the provisions to avoid issues holding the person and his deportation from the countries.

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