UAE tourist visa: fill you’r curiosety and learn more important informations about it

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UAE tourist visa: fill you’r curiosety and learn more important informations about it

The UAE tourist visa allowed the recruitment of tourists from all over the world and contributed to the development of the tourism component in the country. Where visitors come to see its antiquities and learn about its history or to enjoy its buildings and advanced engineering, in addition to visiting the commercial markets and centers that amaze every beholder. It is important when planning to visit the UAE or Dubai that you obtain this tourist visa. So what is this UAE tourist visa? How can I get a tourist visa for UAE? How do I apply and what are the UAE tourist visa requirements? These are important questions that we will answer in the following article.

What is a UAE tourist visa?

A tourist visa is a visa issued by the UAE government to those who do not qualify for a visa upon entry to the UAE. With this tourist visa, tourists can come to the Emirates from all over the world. Females under the age of 18 are not allowed to apply for this type of visa unless they are traveling with their parents or a supporter. This tourist visa allows its holder to enter any of the emirates of the country, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the other seven emirates, through any international airport in it.

UAE online tourist visa

The UAE government has made it easier for tourists and visitors to come to the country, where they can obtain a tourist visa via the Internet, as it was designated for tourists coming for a short period and for tourism purposes. The UAE online tourist visa was implemented to facilitate the application for obtaining this visa as soon as possible and to facilitate entry to the Emirates.

The UAE tourist visa online is a single-entry visa valid for 30 consecutive days only. Citizens who are eligible to obtain a tourist visa online for the UAE can obtain the visa within a few minutes by filling out personal information, passport information, and detailed information about their trip in UAE online visa government website, then they will receive a visit and entry visa within minutes via their email.

The period for obtaining dubai visa online will take is 1 to 3 days from the date of submitting the application, unless the application was submitted on the weekend days in the Emirates, i.e. Friday or Saturday, or on the official holidays of the country.

Types of UAE visa for the tourist

There are four different types of tourist visas to enter the UAE, each type differs according to the duration of stay or validity and the cost as well. The four types of tourist visas are:

Visa Type 1Short term tourist visa single entry30 day visit visa and not extendable250 AED
Type 2Short term tourist visa multiple entry30- day UAE tourist visa and not extendable690 AED
Visa Type 3Long term tourist visa single entry90 days uae visit visa, not extendable600 AED
Type 4Long term tourist visa multiple entry90 days, not extendable1740 AED

You should pay attention to the period of stay. In the event that you exceed the allowed period of stay and stay for a longer period than is supposed, you will have to pay a fine of 100 dirhams in addition to 200 dirhams for an exit ticket.

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Applying for UAE tourist visa

There are many ways in which a tourist can apply for a tourist visa to the Emirates. The first is a tourist visa through airlines, and the other is a uae tourist visa through hotels and agencies and also The electronic government portals that allow visitors and tourists to apply for all types of visas, including entry visas and tourist visas in the United Arab Emirates, electronically, by applying to: 

  • Federal authority  for Identity and Nationality. 
  • General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

applying for a UAE tourist visa through airlines.

The conditions offered by each airline differ from the other, and the applicant must fulfill all the required conditions in order to be able to obtain an entry visa through them. Airlines in the United Arab Emirates through which a tourist visa can be obtained are:

  • Etihad airways.
  • Air arabia.
  • Fly Dubai.
  • Emirates airline.

It is important when dealing with any of the above companies to know the visa services of each company and its conditions.

Tourist visas through agencies and hotels

UAE licensed hotels and travel agents can assist a tourist to obtain their tourist visa. However, it is required that the reservation be made at the hotel through which the visa was obtained. And do not forget the importance of checking the credibility and authenticity of the travel agencies that you deal with to obtain the tourist visa. Do not pay money or send your documents until you are absolutely sure of the agency’s credibility.

Obtaining a tourist visa may take a period of time from 5 to 7 days to obtain the visa, starting from the day of submitting the application.

UAE tourist visa Application

If you want to travel to the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, then you can apply for a Dubai visit visa online or by downloading the DVPC application from your mobile phone, by following these steps: 

  • Download the application, log in and create your own account and profile.
  • To apply, retrieve the Emirates reservation.
  • Pay the fees incurred by you on the application and via your email.

The cost of tourist visa to the UAE

The cost of a tourist visa in Dubai or the UAE varies according to the length of stay, whether it is a short-term visa of 3 months or a long-term tourist visa. How much is a 3 month visit visa in uae?  This is a common question that so many people wonder about and ask frequently. So a 90-day tourist visa to the Emirates or Dubai costs 240 dirhams. This type of tourist visa is for visitors who want to enjoy a tourist trip or attend a conference. The conditions and price  for obtaining this visa vary according to nationalities.

Multiple entry 5 year tourist visa

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa This type of visa can be issued to tourists of all nationalities and from anywhere. This type of visa allows the tourist to enter the United Arab Emirates several times, and each time he is allowed to stay for a period of 90 days, and it can be renewed for another 90 days. In order for the applicant to be able to obtain this type of visa, he must first fulfill several conditions, including: 

  • To have a bank account with a balance of $4,000 for a period of not less than 6 months.
  • Proof of residence in the UAE such as a hotel.
  • Valid health insurance.
  • Entry and exit ticket to and from the Emirates.

Requirements to have a UAE tourist visa

UAE tourist visa requirements
UAe tourist visa requirements

It is very important for every tourist who wants to visit the United Arab Emirates to know the requirements for obtaining a tourist visa in the Emirates. Where the tourist must submit and document some papers in order to be able to obtain the visa successfully. Among the most important requirements for obtaining a UAE tourist visa are:

  • Valid medical insurance.
  • A clear color photo of the visa holders.
  • A copy of the passport.
  • Flight ticket.
  • A program full of plans for a comprehensive tourist trip.
  • A bank account containing at least $4,000 USD.

categories exempted from the tourist visa

The categories exempted from the tourist visa upon entry are citizens of the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as they can enter the Emirates through the passport only and there is no need to obtain an entry visa. The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council are: 

  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Qatar.
  • Amman.
  • Kuwait.
  • Oman.

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Types of tourist visa to Dubai

It is known that the main reason for visiting the Emirate of Dubai is for tourism or employment and work, as it is a great destination for visitors because of that. Therefore, there are different types of visas to visit Dubai that allow the traveler to stay according to the reason for his arrival. There are also great facilities for Indian citizens who want to obtain a tourist visa for Indians. 

  • Visit visa, 30 days and extendable for 60 days.
  • Business visas and tourist visas, The work visa is for 14 days and cannot be extended, while the tourist visa can be extended.
  • Tourist visa, 30 days and not extendable.
  • 96-hour transit visa, for tourists who wish to stay less than 4 days.
  • Multiple-entry long-term visa, valid for 90 days.
  • Dubai visa upon arrival for gcc residents.

Dubai tourist visa for Indian nationals

Indians who have a tourist visa for Dubai or a green card issued by the USA, valid residence visa can get a visa on arrival for 14 days in the United Arab emirates. All visas or residence permits should have validity of at least six months from the date of arrival into the country.

Can I get tourist visa for UAE now?

You can check the official website of the UAE embassy or consulate in your country for the latest updates on visa requirements and application procedures.

How much is Dubai visa for US citizens?

The cost of a Dubai visa for US citizens varies depending on the type and duration of the visa. Here are some estimated costs:
30-day tourist visa: $109
96-hour transit visa: Free
90-day long-term visit visa: $327
Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the exchange rate. It is recommended to check with the UAE embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date information on visa fees.

How much is the tourist visa for UAE?

The cost of a UAE tourist visa varies depending on the length of stay and type of visa. It can range from AED 100 to AED 750. It is recommended to check with the UAE embassy or consulate in your country for the latest information on visa fees and requirements.

Can I go to Dubai with US visa?

All Indian citizens holding U.S. visas, green cards, U.K Resident Permits, or EU resident permits can receive entry visa upon arrival to UAE valid for 14 days for a charge of AED 100.

How far in advance should I apply for a UAE visa?

A minimum of 4 international working days prior to arrival in Dubai is required; however, Emirates recommends that online applications be made as early as possible.

Can I complete my UAE visa application online?

you can submit an application and receive your UAE visa entirely online – without having to submit your passport for stamping. 

How do I apply for a Dubai tourist visa?

In order to get a tourist visa to the UAE, you need to get in touch with one of the UAE-based airlines, a tour agency or a hotel (where you intend to stay) in the UAE who will apply for visa on your behalf to the official visa-issuing authorities in the UAE.

Do I need a visa to enter Dubai?

Yes, a Personal travel of 30 days or less: A U.S. citizen with a regular passport may obtain a no fee visitor visa upon arrival. Stays longer than 30 days: Visitors on a 30-day visa may request a visa extension, which is at the discretion of immigration officials.

When can I apply for UAE visa?

You can apply for your UAE visa after you book your Emirates flight.

How will I receive my UAE visa?

It takes from 3 to 5 weeks for a US visa application to get processed. After the processing, the applicant can get a positive reply on their application, and the consulate will deliver the document. The delivery of the visa can take up to two other workdays.

The UAE tourist visa has specific conditions and rules for obtaining it. Nevertheless, this visa helped to attract tourists and tourism flourished in the country. It also provided an opportunity for people from all over the world to come and get to know this Arab country, until it became a destination for tourists to take their trips and enjoy the pleasure of travel.

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