UAE visa for freelancers: types, benefits, requirements, and it’s total cost

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UAE visa for freelancers
UAE visa for freelancers

UAE visa for freelancers, its a type of visa that enable freelancers from any country to live and work in the UAE. What is the freelance visa requirements UAE? And how to apply?

To be a freelancer who wants to start his professional career or business project in Dubai or the UAE, this will require you to obtain a UAE visa for freelancers. The government of the Emirates UAE issued this type of visa to a certain category of freelancers, allowing them to work independently after fulfilling the necessary conditions for obtaining a residence visa and work permit. It may seem easy, but it may take some effort to know the requirements and how to apply for a visa.

What is the UAE visa for freelancers? How to get UAE freelance visa and apply for a freelance permit? What are requirements of UAE visa for freelancers? And how much does it cost? Learn about all this and more in the following article.

What is a UAE visa for freelancers?

A UAE freelancers visa  is a type of visa that allows self-employed individuals to legally reside and work in the United Arab Emirates. Freelancers visas are specifically designed for individuals who work independently, such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

The UAE government has introduced this visa to attract skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to the country and promote economic growth. Freelancers can apply for this visa through the relevant authorities in the UAE, such as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

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Types of UAE visa for freelancers

types of UAE freelancers visa
Types of UAE visa for freelancers

According to the new updates from the UAE government, there are different types of UAE visa for freelancers that any worker can apply for. Any freelancer can choose what suits him according to the binding conditions for each type.

Freelance visa in the UAE and work permit for residents

Residents of the United Arab Emirates are required to obtain an independent work permit and all thanks to the visas of their families or spouses. They can also apply for a work permit if he works full time. However, they are also required to obtain a no-objection certificate from their employer or sponsor.

Visas for non-resident freelancers 

They must apply for a uae visa for freelancers to obtain a residence permit in the United Arab Emirates, and they should also apply for a residency visa, and this will allow them to reside and work in the country independently.

UAE Green visa for freelancers and self-employment

It is a 5-year residence visa in UAE. What is unique about this type of visa is that you can apply for it without being an employee or needing a sponsor. The following requirements are important for an applicant to become eligible for a green residence for freelancers:

  • Obtaining a self-employment and freelance permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation of the United Arab Emirates. 
  • Academic level with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma.
  • Annual income of not less than 36,000 AED during the past two years through self-employment.

Dubai talent pass

Dubai General Culture and Administration for Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in addition to the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) have launched the Dubai Talent Pass through which international talents can be attracted from anywhere in the world. Through it, freelancers can work and live in the emirate by working in the fields of art, marketing, media, culture and education.

For those who wish to apply for a UAE visa for freelancers via the dubai talent pass, they must pay an amount of money up to 9,500 UAE dirhams with the possibility of annual renewal, and the application is through the official website of DAFZA.

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UAE freelance visa benefits

Obtaining a UAE visa for freelancers brings many benefits to its owner, whether it is professional benefits or related to residence and housing. The best 4 advantages of the dubai freelance visa are:

  • Flexibility and increasing opportunities to get a job in different companies.
  • What increases the entry of freelancers into the market is that there is no office space required, and the ability to bear visa costs means providing services at lower costs.
  • Obtaining a freelance visa in the UAE allows you to work as an independent contractor for companies from all over the Emirates, in addition to access to the business center of the free zone.
  • One of the most important benefits of the UAE visa for freelancers is the ability to sponsor your family members to come, reside and live together in the UAE.
  • Through the official market website, you can get many jobs and tasks that help you start your freelance career.

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Apply for a dubai freelance visa

Applying online for a UAE visa for freelancers
Apply for UAE visa for freelancers

Applying for a GoFreelance permit or an independent work permit in Dubai does not require any effort, as it only needs to take simple steps. You can apply online through the official website of GoFreelance and follow these steps:

  1. Select the option Go Applyfrom Gofreelance official website here.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. And submit the required documents.

If you are on a visa for your spouse or parents, or you are a full-time employee and your company is sponsoring you, then you will need to submit a no-objection certificate to obtain a work permit. Approval of your application takes 10 to 15 days from submitting the application, as you will receive an approval letter of your uae visa for freelancers via your email.

Once you obtain your self-employment permit, you will be able to access the TECOMS business services platform, AXS, launched in partnership with the Dubai Development Authority (DDA). Through this platform, you can first apply for the establishment card, which will bear an additional cost. And after receiving your establishment card for aed, you can apply for a freelance employment visa.

Requirements of UAE freelancers visa

When applying for a UAE visa for freelancers, it is important to submit some of the documents and papers required to issue the permit, freelance visa requirements UAE include: 

  • The applicant’s CV.
  • A personal photo that meets the required conditions in terms of size and color.
  • A copy of the passport and visa valid for at least 8 months.
  • A reference letter from the bank.
  • A no-objection certificate from the Emirati sponsor.

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UAE freelance visa cost

Freelance visa dubai cost 2023 varies according to several factors, such as the degree of urgency and validity of the visa, or if it was applied for from within the United Arab Emirates or from abroad.

freelance residence visa in dubai applied outside and valid for 3 years3330 AED (normal)
3990 AED (express)
Freelance residence visa applied in uae and valid for 3 years4960 dirhams (normal)
6340 AED (express)
Employment freelance visa in dubai with one year validity 2750 AED
Freelance visa uae price fo employment 3 years5000 AED
The cost of freelance permit in uae and valid for a year 7000 AED
Establishment card in dubai2000 AED
The total price of uae freelancers visaBetween 10000 AED to 25000 AED
Talent pass license fee 9000 AED
the costs of UAE visa for freelancers

In addition to the above, the cost of the UAE visa for freelancers varies depending on the free zone. Note that the above UAE visa for freelanceers employment costs include medical test charges, visa stamping charges and the Emirates ID fee.

How to get a freelance visa for UAE?

To obtain a freelance visa for UAE, you need to follow these steps:
Determine your eligibility
Choose your visa type
Register your business
Authorities in the UAE.
Obtain a residency visa.
Apply for a freelance permit.
Provide necessary documents.
Pay fees.
Wait for approval.

How much is freelance visa in UAE 2023?

You can check with the relevant authorities or consult with a legal professional for the latest updates on UAE visa for freelancers fees.

How much is the cheapest Dubai freelance visa?

Freelance visa in the uae may vary depending on several factors such as the type of visa, duration of stay, and other related expenses. It is best to consult with a reputable immigration consultant or agency for accurate and up-to-date information on cheapest freelance visa uae.

How to get a freelance visa in Dubai?

You can get a freelance visa in Dubai through follwoing these steps:
Obtain a residence visa
Register as a freelancer
Apply for the freelance permit.
Obtain health insurance.
Renew your permit annually.
It is important to note that requirements and procedures may vary depending on your nationality and field of work.

How much is a 2-year freelance work permit in Abu Dhabi?

2 years freelance visa dubai price is is not the same as abu dhabi. Abu Dhabi freelance license/permit costs AED 800 (Up to 6 activities. Abu Dhabi FreeLancer visa costs AED 7500. The total cost can range from AED 12000 to AED 15000 (including the health insurance fees).

How long will it take to get my freelance license?

The time it takes to get a freelance license varies depending on the country or state you are in. In some places, it can take a few days, while in others, it can take several weeks or even months.

How much is a freelance visa in UAE?

According to the official website of Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA), the cost of a freelance permit in Dubai starts from AED 7,500 ($2,040) per year.

It is expected that the UAE government will announce at the end of 2023 freelance work permits for skill levels, thus opening the door for many opportunities and for a wider audience to live and work in the uae independently within a few months if they meet the eligibility criteria for a uae visa for freelancers.

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