Government Support UAE: Empowering Growth with Comprehensive Government Services and Initiatives

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Government Support UAE and Complete Government Services and Initiatives Guide

Government Support UAE is for startups as well as small, medium, and big businesses. Entrepreneurs can make use of government initiatives that provide consultations, coaching, aid in acquiring loans, licenses, project launches, and other benefits. These initiatives run in multiple emirates and address a variety of concerns.

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Government Support UAE

Government Support UAE is for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Platforms such as The Entrepreneurial Nation, as well as funds and centers, have been established to aid with consultations and resolve financial challenges associated with starting a firm from scratch. The most popular UAE government initiatives are the Market Expansion to Abu Dhabi government entities, and UAE government charter, the Huawei Cloud Startup Program, and the Innovation Accelerator Program through the Department of Government Enablement.

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Government Support UAE for Small & Medium Businesses in Dubai

UAE Small Medium Businesses
UAE Small Medium Businesses

Participation in entrepreneurial platforms or programs is open to all small- or medium-sized business owners, and entrepreneurs from all over the world can participate regardless of industry. The only selection criterion is that the business be registered in the Department of Government Support in Emirates UAE.

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Entrepreneurial Nation Platform

Entrepreneurs from all around the world can take advantage of a variety of complimentary programs, created under the initiative of the government of the United Arab Emirates and UAE’s Ministry of Economy. To do so, create an account on the website and complete the application form.

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Amazon Web Services Connected Community

Government entities in the UAE are committed to collaborating with prominent cloud technology and payment government services firms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Payment Services (APS). It enables enterprises to digitize and embrace cloud computing. Entrepreneurs can receive:

  • Individual free consultations with AWS professionals.
  • Exclusive payment benefits and advantages.
  • Thorough market entry guidance.
  • Innovative payment mechanisms.
  • Assistance from a customer relations manager.
  • Exclusive discounts when utilizing products and services from AWS technology and consulting partners.
  • Events and seminars focused on innovation and cloud economics.
  • Education, training, and more.

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Huawei Cloud Startup Program

The initiative is intended to help tech startups. It enables entrepreneurs to rapidly expand their firms and receive:

  • Huawei cloud vouchers are worth up to AED 550,000 (USD 150,000).
  • Consultation and training on business setup and expansion.
  • Technical assistance and problem-solving in partnership with top industry experts.
  • Marketing support.

Only technology startups registered in the UAE are eligible for the program. To do so, you should:

  • Develop a unique business proposition.
  • Have been active in the UAE for at least a year.
  • Employ at least three full-time staff.

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Market Magnification to Abu Dhabi

Market Magnification to Abu Dhabi
Market Magnification to Abu Dhabi

The Market Expansion to Abu Dhabi initiative assists entrepreneurs with innovative solutions, services, or products in expanding their businesses and government support in Abu Dhabi. Program participants can expect the following:

  • Assistance in dealing with investors.
  • In Abu Dhabi, full help is provided during the business creation phase.
  • Discounts and incentives to encourage investment in the innovation sector.

To join in the program, you should:

  • Work in the finance, agriculture, tourism, healthcare, or pharmaceutical industries, or in information and communication technologies.
  • Have a business plan aimed at improving the business environment in Abu Dhabi.
  • Demonstrate that your firm can succeed in Abu Dhabi, resist competition, and meet public demand.

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Free Zone Initiatives in Dubai

Dubai’s free zones, such as the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), Jebel Ali Free Zone, and Dubai Airport Free Zone, will benefit from the Dubai Free Zone Council’s package, which includes the postponement of rents for six months, improved facilitation for payments by installments, refunds of security deposits and guarantees, cancellation of free zone applied fines, and permissions.

The elimination of any transfer fees between jobs will benefit both businesses and employees if unpaid leave or redundancies are required, and it will allow for a more fluid and dynamic workforce to address the changing economic situation. The DIFC has announced that in three months, they would introduce five initiatives that strengthen support to enterprises operating inside their jurisdiction, including the following:

  • Deferred payment on all leases.
  • For new entities, annual licensing payments are waived in full.
  • Existing entities receive a 10% discount when renewing their license.
  • Reduced property registration fees.
  • Employees can freely move in and out of the DIFC and into other free zones.

The DIFC has also implemented additional safeguards for new and existing DIFC enterprises. enterprises desiring to enter the DIFC will be given more time to complete the application and registration process; new enterprises will receive a 50% discount on application fees; and domestic funds will have their registration expenses waived. Existing Authorized Firms will benefit from measures such as extended return and report filing deadlines, waivers for applications, changes, and late return penalties, and listing fee waivers for new SME issuers.

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Healthcare City Authority in Dubai

The Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), Dubai Healthcare City’s governing body, has offered business relief programs for the free zone community. The DHCA Relief Package aims to benefit various business areas in the free zone with three main components:

  • Exemptions and reductions for those immediately affected.
  • Additional incentives for firms that operate on DHCA-owned premises.
  • Waivers and discounts on regulatory fees for hospitals, clinics, education providers,  research institutions, retail establishments, hotels, fast food restaurants, consultancies, and support services, among other enterprises.

The packages provide up to 100% discounts on commercial and clinical fees for all directly impacted segments. It also offers up to 50% off commercial and clinical fees for all other categories (excluding pharmacies and supermarkets). Many free zones in the UAE have implemented their projects and packages, and we can provide additional information on individual jurisdictions upon request.

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Government Support UAE Funds & Centers

Government centers and funds have been established to foster creative projects. They assist representatives from medium and small firms in gaining professional consultations, and tax breaks, and developing business partnerships with other market participants.

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Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund

This fund helps enterprises develop new solutions in education, energy, water supply, healthcare, transportation, technology, and space. Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund Innovation Accelerator Program is a free business accelerator for inventors. It provides participants with:

  • Training.
  • Mentorship from professionals and partners.
  • Assistance with studying and analyzing business models.
  • Assist in locating clients and forming connections.
  • Assistance with staff recruitment.

To participate in the program, fill up an online application through the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund Website’s Accelerator area. Next, fill out the registration form and proceed through the selection stages:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Create a video about your creation.
  • Explain the precise assistance required.
  • Present your invention to the committee.

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Guarantee Scheme Banking

UAE Guarantee Scheme Banking
UAE Guarantee Scheme Banking

It offers the bank a government guarantee, allowing the entrepreneur to get a loan for business expansion. Program participants have access to:

  • Flexible financing terms during project development.
  • Obtaining a loan without personally contributing to the collateral amount.

To apply for the Guarantee Scheme program, visit the MBRIF website and fill out the online application form. The panel will conduct two legal assessments: initial and comprehensive. Following that, the participant must pay a service fee and wait for the final verdict, which will be issued within 10 business weeks.

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Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment SME Development in Dubai

The center’s professionals give training and support to Dubai-based enterprises at various phases of development. The programs are open to entrepreneurs from all industries.

Hi Dubai Program

This is a free aggregator where entrepreneurs can enter information about their firms, and Dubai residents may learn about their services and products. Program members will receive:

  • Free company PR.
  • Increased visibility.
  • Place company information on the official Hi Dubai website.

To join, first, register on the Hi Dubai website and fill out the form to add your business to the platform.

Dubai Next Platform

This is a free crowdfunding tool for UAE-based entrepreneurs. On this website, any entrepreneur may share their company concept and set a budget for project implementation, and Dubai citizens can give money if they like. Program participants will receive:

  • Funds to support project launch and development.
  • Assistance with obtaining a trade license.

To participate in the program, visit the Dubai Next website and register. Go to the START A CAMPAIGN area and complete the participation form.

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Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center

Sheraa aids entrepreneurs and startups from a variety of industries. In 2023, it prioritized the EdTech, CleanTech, and Arts industries.

S3 Business Incubator

Startup studio for developing and launching business concepts. Participants in the program receive:

  • Co-working services.
  • Initial money for the idea.
  • Individual assistance with licensing and product development.
  • Mentorship.
  • Project launch within 6 months.
  • The establishment and implementation of a business framework.

To become a program participant, fill out an online application on the Sheraa website. Then, navigate to the S3 INCUBATOR section and complete the participation form.

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival

The SEF website provides detailed information on the festival’s program and ticket prices. An annual festival for entrepreneurs in all areas. Here, you can make:

  • Business relationships.
  • Attend talks and workshops on current entrepreneurial trends and possibilities.

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Emirates Development Bank

This is a government bank that provides businesses with cheap interest rates and flexible loan repayment choices. Entrepreneurs in industry, healthcare, energy, food security, and innovative technologies can benefit from EDB’s assistance.

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AgriTech Credit Program

AgriTech Credit Program
AgriTech Credit Program

Credit program for farmers, local producers, agricultural equipment manufacturers, and technology suppliers. The quantity and terms of funding are determined by the specific needs of the firm and addressed individually. Entrepreneurs can acquire financing for greenfield and brownfield projects.

  • Working capital funding.
  • Loans of up to AED 5 million (USD 1.3 million) with preference terms of up to 2.5 years.

To become a participant, complete an online application on the EDB website. Then, navigate to the AgriTech Loans Program webpage and complete the form with your company information and contact information.

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SME Finance Bank Lending Program

The bank’s loan program covers all industrial sectors. The terms and size of the loan are explained separately. Participants can select from three financing options:

  • Asset-backed funding.
  • Accounts receivable financing.
  • Business expansion financing.

To apply, visit the EDB website and navigate to the SME Finance area. Then, complete the form with your company’s information, contacts, and finance needs.

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Government Support UAE & Priority for Government Suppliers

The Federal Cabinet has announced that federal ministries and organizations will expedite payments to all government suppliers, with payments due within fifteen days. Suppliers who have been delayed in completing federal government contracts may profit from a federal resolution stating that there will be no penalty for such delays for the next three months. The Cabinet also announced that the three-month timeframe might be extended after this point.

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Organization of Dubai Startup Hub & Remote Access

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s entrepreneurship project, Dubai Startup Hub, has hosted its first all-online event for members. 40 new members joined, and they will be able to benefit from online coaching to help them launch new businesses.

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Dubai Multi Commodities Center

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has announced its employment standards, which allow employees to work remotely except for crucial staff in critical industries. The new guidelines also allow firms to place employees on paid leave without their consent. Mutual permission is required for any reduction in the employee’s basic income, but such a reduction should not affect the employee’s allowances.

Mutual consent would also be necessary to place an employee on unpaid leave for a set amount of time (renewable with mutual consent). The measures do not affect the employee’s right to medical insurance or their ability to keep their resident visa and work permit valid.

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Umm Al Quwain Government Support UAE Financial Packages

The Ruler of Umm Al Quwain has issued a Decree (No. 2 of 2020) that establishes many financial assistance programs. The Umm Al Quwain economic development department offers a 50% reduction on fees for new business licenses and license renewals (commercial, industrial, and professional licenses). The fines for any of these expired licenses have been canceled. Finally, the Decree contains a 50% reduction in all fees associated with the Umm AL Quwain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Fujairah Licensing & Tax Fee Waivers

The monarch of Fujairah has issued a Decree (No. 4 of 2020), which, among other things, exempts enterprises engaged in specific economic activities from licensing fees and taxes for the remainder of the year. The exempted license costs affect organizations in the fitness, food, and leisure industries. Hotels and hotel units will be exempt from any local taxes.

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Government Support UAE & Central Bank Initiatives

The UAE Central Bank reduced the interest rates on Certificates of Deposit issued by 75 basis points to boost economic activity. This action followed the US dollar’s decline, which was mirrored by the US Federal Reserve. In keeping with the drop in interest rates, the REPO Rates for borrowing short-term liquidity have been reduced by 50 basis points. In March, the Central Bank announced more fiscal actions, including a 50 basis point reduction in interest rates for the Interim Margin Lending Facility and the Collateralized Murabaha Facility.

The UAE Central Bank has created the Targeted Economic Support Scheme (TESS), which aims to provide temporary respite from principal and/or interest or profit payments on existing loans to all impacted private sector corporates, SMEs, and individuals. The relief will not apply to government loans or loans made by foreign entities. TESS reduces existing capital buffers to increase lending capacity for UAE banks and guides all financial institutions in the state.

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Which country is the UAE supporting?

The UAE thinks that Egypt’s stability and prosperity are inextricably linked to regional stability. Egypt plays a vital role in the area as the largest Arab nation and a reliable ally in the fight against extremism.

What services does the UAE government provide?

The UAE government offers several services, including benefits for Emirati citizens:
– Education, Emiratization, funding, and retirement.
– Business Events and Advertising.
– Promotions and events; funding and campaigns.
– Consultations and Training.
– Business management with expert help.
– Education and Training.
– Entertainment and Events.
– Start and manage a business.

How is the UAE helping poor people?

At the international level, the UAE plays an important role in numerous humanitarian projects, particularly those aimed at assisting victims of natural disasters and conflict. Between 2011 and 2014, the UAE gave AED 8.9 billion to help reduce poverty worldwide.

How can I get money help in UAE?

The Ministry of Community Development’s website allows UAE nationals to apply for social subsidy services under the social welfare policy. Local social aid is also available.

Government Support UAE underscores the nation’s commitment to growth and innovation through dedicated government agencies and special support programs. These initiatives, led by stimulating government entities and the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, provide UAE’s primary aid in fostering economic and social development. Through comprehensive government support, the UAE’s development assistance programs continue to empower businesses and individuals, ensuring a prosperous future for all. This unwavering dedication highlights the UAE’s strategic vision for sustainable progress and global leadership.

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