Business Networking UAE: The Power of Uniting Dubai’s Top Networking Events and Companies

Eslam Mobarak
Published 3 weeks ago on 4 May, 2024-191 views
Business Networking UAE is the hub of Efficient Enterprise Networking in the United Arab Emirates


Business Networking UAE is essential to any “getting recruited” strategy in the Middle East. Relationships do depend. Despite the development of online business networking, traditional face-to-face encounters remain crucial in the UAE’s business sector. You won’t get far with email introductions and internet purchases. Dubai is all about in-person networking and meet-and-greets.

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Business Networking UAE

The UAE has a business-friendly setting, and its strategic location establishes it as a worldwide trading hub. Its advanced infrastructure, well-connected airports, facilities, and world-class ports make it an ideal hub for international trade and attract upcoming business owners worldwide. Low taxes are another factor that entices enterprises to establish their operations in the country.

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Dubai Entrepreneurs Network

Dubai Entrepreneurs Network
Dubai Entrepreneurs Network

Networking companies manage Dubai’s top professional networking, where members may gain crucial insights while networking in Dubai with senior business leaders from some of the most prominent multinational corporations operating in the MENA area. Bring The Economist Group’s, business council and other business leaders’ pooled expertise into your company to allow you to experiment with new ideas and create room to analyze how external forces will affect your firm business events with the power of networking to grow your business.

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Economist Business Networking UAE Dubai

Robert Willock is the director of the Economist Corporate Network, headquartered in Dubai, and serves the MENA region. Robert collaborates directly with network members to help inform their company goals with political, economic, and operational insights and connect them with senior leadership peers. Robert is a business journalist, editor, and publisher with nearly 25 years of experience covering various industries, including hospitality, retail, construction, energy, and transportation, focusing on human capital management.

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20 Top Ideas for Business Networking UAE

Top Ideas for Business Networking UAE
Top Ideas for Business Networking UAE

Whether you agree or not, speed networking is one of the most successful strategies for company owners to expand their businesses. Go to them, have some drinks, talk to anyone in the room, and keep in touch afterwards for the business networking event. Word-of-mouth referrals are also fairly common here. Make as many favourable contacts as possible to broaden your talents and employment chances. The reverse of networking does not work! Here are 20 ways that ex-pats can grow their UAE business networking in Dubai:

1. Multicultural Dubai

The bulk of people are expatriates. When engaging with people from other Western countries or the Philippines, you must make little changes to your behaviour. However, when speaking with Expats from Muslim nations such as neighbouring Arab countries, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, use caution (see below). Nonetheless, common sense and respect make up 80% of your needs.

2. The Power of Building Connections and Seeking Support

People are eager to help here, and your success will be determined by who you meet.

3. Navigating Wasta & Diverse Networks for Job Search Success

Interacting with other groups, including the security guards in your building, will expose you to varied power dynamics. There are numerous informal networks with ‘wasta.’ Wasta is an Arabic term meaning influence, authority, or connections. This implies that several regulations may become more flexible if you have wasta or know someone who has. Connecting with people with wasta will influence how productive your job search is.

4. Rekindling Relationships for Support and Success

With this in mind, try reconnecting with friends, past coworkers, colleagues, acquaintances, family members, and other parents waiting at the school gate. If you don’t ask for help, you won’t get it.

5. Leveraging Top-Down Networking in Regional Business Operations

At the same time, most enterprises in the region are highly top-down. It’s been that way for generations and is not likely to change. When networking, leverage the power of your senior connections—whether they are in your target department mentor or not.

6. The Art of Long-Term Networking for Lasting Success

Remember that networking is not transactional. Think long-term and build your network to make connections. The results will come. Be patient.

7. Addressing Emiratis Properly in Dubai

Do not refer to anyone from Dubai as “locals”. They despised the phrase. Use “Emiratis” instead.

8. Shake Hands Protocol in Business Networking UAE

Shake Hands Protocol in UAE Business Network
Shake Hands Protocol in UAE Business Network

Never shake hands with someone of the other gender who is Muslim unless they offer theirs first. Both men and women may prefer not to shake hands with the other sex for religious reasons. However, folks of the same gender are more likely to shake your hand throughout social engagement.

9. The Etiquette of the Right Hand: Cultural Norms Among Muslims

In Islam, the left hand is considered unclean and reserved for personal cleanliness. Thus, the right hand should be used for eating, shaking hands, or passing an item like a business card. Using your left hand in this situation is considered an insult.

10. Don’t Rush into Business Matters

While you may be in a hurry, asking about someone’s day, health, and family will pay off. Wait for the other party to initiate the business conversation and check Western corporate bluntness. Small chat is more than simply courtesy; it is a non-intrusive technique to determine whether someone will be a good employee, coworker, or business partner.

11. Embracing Hospitality & Connecting with Emiratis as an Expat

Expats always appear afraid of what lurks behind the headscarf and do not try to interact. A polite “smile, nod, and ignore” may not win you friends, but it is not offensive. 73% of foreigners polled by InterNations stated Emiratis are “extremely pleasant.” Hospitality is a core value of the nation. The best suggestion I can provide is to chat with Emiratis simply! They are human beings, too! Use small chat and focus on shared aims rather than differences.

12. Navigating Small Talk Etiquette with Ease

Despite what you may have read and heard, camel racing, horse racing, and falconry are not national sports. If you want to chat briefly, discuss the weather positively, a current major event, or even regional news. Asking about family is an excellent approach to starting a conversation; however, it’s best not to ask about family members of the opposite gender, except for parents or young children.

13. Levity in the Boardroom: The Art of Humor in Middle Eastern Business Etiquette

Humour is also a practical approach to break the ice. Emiratis and other Middle Eastern businesspeople enjoy a good joke, and it may be hilarious. Profanity is strictly prohibited in the Muslim professional world; therefore, refrain from using foul language, sarcasm, or making disparaging remarks about Islamic culture; doing so may result in a fine, jail sentence, or deportation.

14. Be Realistic about How You’ll Stay in Touch

Emirates and expats rarely mingle socially because their cultures are so distinct. You may have a higher chance of meeting again over coffee rather than in a social situation.

15. Dress in Humbly Way

Both genders are supposed to cover everything from the neck to the knees. Arms are acceptable to reveal, but not shoulders. You may notice people dressed less modestly but don’t take the chance.

16. Cultural Sensitivities in Middle Eastern Business

Public displays of affection are considered sexual acts and are strictly prohibited. Males kissing each other on the cheek or nose shows respect. The same goes for women. However, Westerners are not obligated to do the same.

17. Embrace the Beauty of the Arabic Language

By immersing yourself in Arabic, you expand your linguistic capabilities and gain a profound insight into the diverse traditions and customs of the Arabic-speaking world. Embrace this enriching experience and unlock new connections and opportunities as you navigate the beauty of the Arabic language with confidence and curiosity.

18. Embracing Social Opportunities for Networking Success

Accepting social chances for networking success is a paramount strategy in the professional realm. Engaging with your industry peers, attending networking events, and utilising social media platforms can significantly enhance your visibility and build meaningful connections with the power of saying Yes to socialising and Networking.

19. The Unique Connection Between Time & Time Management as an Expat

Understand that the link between time and time management differs in this case, not for the better or worse. Expats are still expected to arrive on schedule, although things may move at a different speed than you think.

20. The Power of Having Arabic on Your Business Card

Including Arabic on your business card can be a powerful strategy to create a global presence and appeal to Arabic-speaking clients. It showcases cultural awareness and demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and diversity in your business practices. One of the most spoken languages worldwide, Arabic can help establish strong connections with potential partners or clients from Arabic-speaking regions.

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10 Top Tips for Successful Business Networking in the UAE

Tips for Successful Business Networking UAE
Tips for Successful Business Networking UAE

The UAE has a variety of trade exhibits. These international chambers of commerce, workshops, and seminars provide an excellent opportunity to network with local and international partners, distributors, and clients who may help you access the UAE’s worldwide market. In this section, we will walk you through the top 10 methods for efficient business networking in the UAE:

1. Preparation is the Secret

Successful networking necessitates rigorous planning and study. If you want to attend an event in the UAE, investigate the companies, individuals, and influencers you want to meet. You should know why you want to connect with them. Whether searching for a partnership or wanting to gather market insights, you should grasp your aims before proceeding.

2. Create a Compelling and Concise Elevator Presentation

While networking, you will meet a variety of people. Think from the perspective that they may have other goals for attending the event and may not be interested in long conversations. For instance, if you are meeting the top at an event, you must understand they will not have much time. It is one of the reasons why you should prepare a concise and compelling elevator pitch. Have your visiting card ready and hand it out to the professionals. Keep your pitch compelling and as short as possible to make it impactful and unique.

3. Evaluate the Cultural Sensitivity Aspect

The UAE is a stringent country in terms of culture and sensitivity. While networking, you must follow all applicable local rules and regulations. Wear appropriate attire and arrive on time. It would help if you even looked into the guidelines for greetings in the UAE to comprehend them better. If you attend an event during Ramadan, please follow the fasting hours and refrain from drinking or smoking in public.

4. Don’t Force Conversations

We’re all aware that this attracts business owners from all around the world. Natives attending the events know entrepreneurs will seek out them for networking purposes. While you should have specific goals, you should avoid forcing talks. At times, natives find it bothersome and avoid speaking with such people. Find common ground and base your communication on it.

5. Display Your Knowledge

Showcasing your knowledge could help you create relationships and improve your networking skills. Please discuss your skills and how business professionals might use them when collaborating with you. Share industry insights or your thoughts on any topic under discussion.

6. Be an Engaged Listener

Networking is more than just exchanging knowledge and information about your business. You must be highly critical in your approach and practice the skill of active listening. Actively listen to what people say and respond appropriately. This may even allow you to extend the conversation or offer open-ended inquiries. Avoid interrupting the conversation in the middle. Take notes on the points and then inquire later to demonstrate your interest and actively engage with the professionals.

7. Connection to Social Media

Every professional in the UAE may use social media to help them network more effectively. While conversing, you might ask for their social media handles and contact them through those channels. Social media connections provide an excellent opportunity to follow up and spark additional conversations. Send a personal invitation mentioning how much you enjoyed engaging with them.

8. Attend Conferences & Seminars

Networking is one of the most essential objectives for event attendees, but it should not be the only one. Ensure to attend any lectures, conferences, or workshops held at the event. Participating in these events will provide an excellent opportunity to obtain insight into the industry. Furthermore, you will meet like-minded people who share your level of interest in the. You can even ask clarifying questions to grasp the sector better.

9. Keeping Track of the Events

If you want to connect with a make-up artist in Dubai, keep track of the events. Follow the event websites to ensure you don’t miss out on any significant opportunities. Follow the social media channels to get the most up-to-date event information. Keeping track will assist you in properly preparing and planning if you are travelling from another country.

10. Expect the Follow-Up

Follow-ups are vital and can help your business in various ways. Engage with them on social media or send follow-up emails. You might even approach them and propose scheduling meetings to engage with them better. When networking, you should consider their goal and make the appropriate next move.

You should contact not only participants and attendees but also exhibitors. This would benefit you by opening the door to more prospects and mastering efficient business marketing in the UAE. Follow these ten-pointers and develop a great elevator pitch to boost your networking efforts.

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What is Business Networking UAE, and how does it relate to the Dubai Entrepreneurs Network?

Business Networking UAE is a platform that brings together professionals and entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai. It’s closely related to the Dubai Entrepreneurs Network as both aim to foster connections, collaborations, and growth in the business community.

What are some of the major business networking events in Dubai, and how can one participate?

There are numerous business networking events in Dubai, including finance networking events, speed business networking, and free networking events. Participation usually requires purchasing a ticket or membership, which can be done through the respective event’s website or platform.

What is the business culture in the UAE, and what business etiquette should one be aware of?

The business culture in UAE is highly professional and respectful. Punctuality, formal attire, and polite communication are highly valued. Business etiquette in UAE often involves a respectful understanding of the local customs and traditions.

What are some of the networking companies in Dubai, and what services do they offer?

Numerous networking companies in Dubai offer services ranging from IT solutions to business event organizations. These companies are crucial in connecting businesses and fostering a collaborative environment.

What are some upcoming business events in UAE in 2024 and 2023?

The specific details of business events in UAE for 2023 and 2024 may vary. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s best to check Business Networking UAE’s official websites or platforms or related organizations.

Business Networking UAE is the hub of Effective Business Networking in the United Arab Emirates. It offers many opportunities, from finance networking events in Dubai to speed business networking. Business networking UAE tickets grant access to this leading professional network, opening doors to meet UAE Entrepreneurs at various Networking Events. Whether it’s the Entrepreneur Workshop Dubai or the Irish Business Network Dubai, each event is a step towards success. So, join the network and unite Dubai’s top networking events and companies for a prosperous future.

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