Business Incubation UAE: Nurturing Startups in Dubai’s Incubation Centres

Eslam Mobarak
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Business Incubation UAE List includes 14 Top Accelerators and Incubators

Business Incubation UAE List features 15 UAE-based startup accelerators, incubators, and venture capital firms, including the 2080 Venture and Arab Startup Competition. UAE entrepreneurs can utilise this list to find potential investors. These programs provide various perks, including cash, mentoring, office space, and networking. Crunchbase rankings are used to order the programs and investors listed below.

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Business Incubation UAE

If you want to establish a business in the United Arab Emirates, you might consider joining an accelerator or incubator. These organisations aim to assist new firms by providing office space, advice, and connections to possible partners, investors, and clients. We gathered the 15 most popular accelerators and incubators in the United Arab Emirates.

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Business Incubators and Accelerators in the UAE

Business Incubators Accelerators UAE
Business Incubators Accelerators UAE

Area 2071, Hub71, and Fazaa Center for Business Incubators and Accelerators are some of the UAE’s business incubators. These incubators can help you start your own business.

MBZ Incubation & Entrepreneurship Center (MIEC)

The MBZ Incubation and Entrepreneurship Center (MIEC) at Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence aims to accelerate artificial intelligence innovation and adoption in the commercial sector by streamlining the process from ideation to start-up formation. MIEC provides a variety of dedicated initiatives and programs, including:

  • Comprehensive entrepreneurial training to improve business expertise and gain insight into local markets.
  • AI engineering support is provided through a novel venture lab concept.
  • Funding opportunities.
  • Computer resources.
  • Real-world startup insights from those in a thriving tech industry.
  • Networking events to help aspiring innovators turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Business Incubator Hub71

Hub71 Business Incubator 1
Hub71 Business Incubator 1

The Abu Dhabi government launched Hub71 to promote technology businesses in the UAE by recruiting top venture capital funds and investors, increasing the pool of capital available for startups and venture capitals in Abu Dhabi. Hub71 works with significant business stakeholders, including Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), Mubadala Investment Company, and other critical industry partners, to promote the next generation of tech innovators and businesses. Hub71 provides incentive monetary programs with 100% and 50% subsidies for entrepreneurs in the early and emerging phases. To be eligible for the incentive program, organisations should:

  • Make sure to achieve significant growth.
  • Target a large user base.
  • Provide disruptive technology.
  • Have received VC money within the last three years.
  • Establish a substantial presence at Hub71.

The Hub71 program is part of Ghadan 2, an AED 50 billion investment stimulus fund created by UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Fazaa Center for Business Incubators & Accelerators

In July 2020, the UAE established the Fazaa Center for Business Incubators and Accelerators to provide Emirati businesses with logistical support, training, qualification, studies, and consulting services. The centre’s services assist clients in building their initiatives and conquering the hurdles of managing, funding, and marketing entrepreneurial company enterprises.

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The 15 Top Accelerators and Incubators in UAE

This package includes everything you need to generate funds for your firm, including over 3,500 investors, seven tools, 18 templates, and three learning materials.

1. FasterCapital

FasterCapital is a global online incubator and accelerator that helps entrepreneurs raise money while providing technical and business development services. Details about the startup:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Started in 2010.
  • Founders include Abeer Nihlawi, Bashar Hamood, Fadi Kallas, Hesham Zreik, and Terry Crospy.
  • Industries include fintech, edtech, healthtech, software, e-commerce, and blockchain.
  • Number of investments: 152.
  • Number of exits: 4.
  • The accelerator duration is four weeks.

2. DIFC Fintech Hive

DIFC Innovation supports Fintech, InsurTech, RegTech, and Islamic Fintech firms in developing solutions for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Startup Details:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Started in 2017.
  • Industries: FinTech and Technology.
  • Number of investments: 47.
  • Number of exits: four.

3. Intelak Hub

Intelak provides early and late-stage start-ups with programs and mentorship from renowned businesses. Details of the startup:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Started in: 2016.
  • Founders: Jithin Manoharan.
  • Industries: Aviation, Technology, Education, Travel, Tourism.
  • Number of investments: 55.
  • Number of exits: 2.
  • Accelerator Duration: 8 Weeks.

4. TURN8

TURN8 is a key player in startup incubation in the UAE. It is a global venture capital fund with offices in Dubai, Denver, and San Francisco. The Startup Details:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Initiated in 2013.
  • Industries: HealthTech, FinTech, Transportation, Logistics, SaaS, Smart Cities, AI, IoT.
  • Number of investments: 46.
  • Number of exits: 1.

5. Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai

Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai is the most effective program in Dubai for assisting innovative startups in IoT and connectivity, urban automation and mobility, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Details of The Startup:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Industries include IoT, urban automation and mobility, AI, blockchain, open city data, sustainable cities, Intelligent government, and retail technology.
  • Number of investments: 12.
  • There is only one exit: Accelerator Duration in weeks: 14.

6. Womena

Womena is a media company that produces inspiring and engaging content for women in the region. It aims to promote equality and diversity by highlighting the tales of women who have made significant contributions. Startup Details:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Started in: 2014.
  • Founders: Chantalle Dumonceaux, Elissa Freiha.
  • Industries: E-commerce, SaaS, Technology, Software, Consumer, Internet, Information Technology.
  • Number of investments: 12.
  • Number of exits: 1.

7. Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund

Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF) was established to facilitate the UAE’s transformation to a knowledge-based economy by fostering an innovative environment. Details of The Startup:

  • The city’s name is Abu Dhabi.
  • Industries include technology, education, water, transportation, clean energy, health, and space.
  • Number of investments: 5.

8. INNOVEST Middle East

INNOVEST Middle East is an investment firm that assists high-potential Middle Eastern entrepreneurs in achieving success. Details of the startup:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Started in 2011.
  • Industries: Industry Agnostic.
  • Number of investments: 01.

9. Humanitarian Accelerators

The Humanitarian Innovation Accelerator initiative supports ideas that leverage technology to address critical global humanitarian issues. The Startup Details:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Industries: Healthcare, EdTech, Technology.

10. Dalma Capital

Dalma Capital serves as a gateway for capital and investment. It is ideally placed between the east and west. The startup details:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Started in: 2011.
  • Founder: Zachary Cefaratti.
  • Industries: Cryptocurrency.
  • Number of investments: 02.

11. in5

in5 has established a well-rounded environment for entrepreneurs and new businesses to advance to the next step. And Details of the startup:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Established in: 2013.
  • Industries: Information Communication Technology, Digital Media.
  • Number of investments: 01.

12. Futurism Programme

The Futurism program is a six-week accelerator with no equity designed to help businesses grow and make meaningful improvements in the travel and tourism industry. Details about the startup: Dubai has industries such as hospitality, tourism, hotels, and resorts. It also has an accelerator, which is six weeks long.

13. INNOVEST Middle East

INNOVEST Middle East is an investment firm that helps high-potential businesses in the Middle East expand successfully. Details about the startup:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Started in 2011.
  • Industries: Agnostic.
  • Number of investments: 1.

14. Plug & Play-ADGM

Plug and Play. Abu Dhabi is the best place in the Middle East for innovation because it attracts startups and Silicon Valley’s top tech talent. Details about the startup:

  • The city’s name is Abu Dhabi.
  • Started in 2006.
  • Industries include FinTech, Healthcare, and Industry 4.0.

15. 2019 FinTech Accelerator Programme

The DIFC Innovation Hub is vital to Gate Avenue’s new Dubai Future District. It also strengthens the DIFC’s participation in the UAE Innovation Strategy and the Dubai Plan 2030. Details about the startup:

  • City: Dubai.
  • Industries include FinTech, InsurTech, and RegTech.
  • Accelerator Duration: 13 Weeks.

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Accelerating Innovation in the United Arab Emirates

Startups, corporations, investors, government, and youth are all critical to the success of an innovation ecosystem. StartAD provides personalised programs to benefit all parties. Select the appropriate program from the options below:

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StartAD Nation-Building Organization

StartAD Nation Building Organization
StartAD Nation Building Organization

StartAD is a nation-building initiative that fosters domestic innovation and moves the UAE toward an entrepreneurial economy. In line with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, startAD helps Abu Dhabi and the UAE achieve their goals of becoming a knowledge-based economy by providing startups, SMEs, and young talent with the tools they need to create innovative new products that meet a global need, collaborate across organisations, and develop entrepreneurial capacity.

StartAD collaborates with enterprises and government departments to tailor innovation with industry leaders to ensure that the objectives of each stage of their innovation and digital transformation journey are realised.

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE, in collaboration with the United States Mission to the UAE, is a five-month program that aims to help women-owned SMEs focus on company resilience, adaptation, and discovering development possibilities.

The Angel Rising

The annual Investor Education Symposium champions technology startup investments.

Al Warsha

Demystifying Innovation & Technology.

EcoBuild Environmental Services UAE

It aims to establish a world where the environment does not require protection.

The Darabase

Darabase is the ARC Outdoor Media Company database, offering a complete platform and solution for brands and retailers looking to conduct immersive Augmented Reality Outdoor Media in the Real Estate United Kingdom.

The Cycled Technologies

The cycled system contributes to environmental cleanup by providing a global customer base with solid waste management, disposal, and recycling options at Environmental Services Norway.

The Cashee

At the UAE Fintech, children and young people can access a new method of earning, saving, and spending money.

SPL Solutions

SPL can analyse tens of thousands of lines of code in minutes and recover the whole software architecture in IT and Services UAE.

The Coffee Architecture

Coffee Architecture provides the skills of a local and accredited coffee enthusiast at Food & Beverages UAE and an environment inspired by simplicity, passion, art, and love.

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Business Incubators in Dubai

Business Incubators in Dubai
Business Incubators in Dubai

Most of Dubai’s business incubators are in Free Trade Zones and overseen by different Free Zone Authorities. Furthermore, these Startup Incubators serve as the ideal launch pad for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startup companies. With the support of business incubators in the UAE, startups can test, launch, and expand their operations in the UAE, the rest of the GCC areas, and even international markets.

Dubai Multi Commodities Center & Astro Labs

Astro Labs is the Dubai Multi Commodities Center’s dedicated startup incubator for technology, media, and IT programming. Astro Labs’ industry professionals also offer mentorship and business advice services to startups and entrepreneurs to help them successfully launch their goods or services in the UAE market.

Dubai International Financial Center

The DIFC – Innovation Hub is a Business Incubator specifically for Finance and Technology enterprises. The Startup Hub aims to attract new-age coders and AI firms specialising in financial investments, fintech, payment gateway services, and other advanced technology solutions.

The Dubai International Financial Centre is the ideal location for finance corporations, modern banking service providers, technology enterprises, and artificial intelligence firms. The Free Zone is a thriving startup and finance cluster in the Middle East.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

DTEC provides an excellent foundation for starting a business or company. The Free Zone provides many business infrastructures, enabling entrepreneurs to expand rapidly.

They offer co-working spaces, dedicated office space, meeting rooms, testing labs, and more. DTEC is a hub for IT-related activity thanks to its networking sessions and live events featuring industry professionals. In addition to the Free Trade Zones, the Dubai Economy has a list of Certified Business Incubators, which include:

  • Co-Dubai Incubator.
  • Astrolabs provides an incubator.
  • InnCuVation Spaces.
  • Bedayat Incubator.
  • British business centres.
  • GEMS Modern Academy.
  • Concept and Incubator.
  • AEIC’s incubator.
  • Amity University Dubai’s Incubation Centre.

All business incubators offer comparable types of support and consulting services to businesses. UAE aspires to be a startup hub and the first choice for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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What is the incubator program in Dubai?

Incubators provide co-working space administrative assistance, Flexi desks, and many other amenities at meagre costs. Money: Incubators collaborate with venture capital firms, angel investors, and large corporations to provide cash for startups with the potential to become successful rapidly.

What is the incubation period in business?

The incubation stage will last 6-12 months, during which startups will focus on product development and marketing. During this stage, the entrepreneur takes on the role of a ‘Technopreneur’, putting all his efforts (such as technology, team, and seed money) into developing a market-viable prototype (MVP).

What is the business incubation concept?

Business incubation is a public or private entrepreneurial, economic, and social development process that aims to incubate firms from idea generation to start-ups and, through a complete business support program, assist them in establishing and accelerating growth and success.

How many incubators are there in the UAE?

The Incubator List includes 13 UAE-based startup accelerators, incubators, and venture capital funds, including the 2080 Venture and Arab Startup Competition. This list might help UAE entrepreneurs connect with possible business investors. These programs provide various perks, including cash, mentorship, office space, and networking.

Business Incubation UAE has emerged as a beacon of hope for startups, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates. Business incubation centres such as the Fazaa Center for Business Incubators and Accelerators have been instrumental in this transformation. The business incubator’s meaning has evolved to nurture ideas and provide a conducive environment for growth and expansion.

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