Business Mentorship UAE: Nurturing Success Through Expert Guidance in Dubai

Eslam Mobarak
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Business Mentorship UAE for Companies and Startups in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

Business Mentorship UAE creates and oversees programs to help and grow small and medium-sized enterprises in the UAE. MENTOR successfully developed and maintained an eight-month trial mentoring program for an independent government agency in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The program’s primary goal was to help the UAE strengthen its entrepreneurial capacity and support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses nationwide.

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Business Mentorship UAE

The MENTOR team created the structure and rules for a program to develop ten Emirati candidates’ leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The goal was to assist them in establishing operations, achieving profitability and performance optimisation, and expanding their businesses.

Through the deliberate pairing of mentees with seasoned experts and experienced entrepreneurs, the young business owners participated in a series of concentrated and structured sessions, receiving direction on specific goals and feedback on their progress. The training resulted in a tangible change in personality and thinking and successfully launching some participants’ business concepts.

MENTOR also included its patented online mentoring and coaching tool to help mentors and mentees communicate more effectively, keep the program on track, and allow administrators to track the growth and effectiveness of individual relationships.

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5 Top Business Mentoring UAE Firms and Startups in UAE 2024

Top Business Mentoring UAE Firms
Top Business Mentoring UAE Firms

The F6S community is tracking Letsrise, Knack Lab, and other Mentoring companies in the UAE. Mentoring is in the Training and Coaching industry, the 30th most popular industry and market category. If you’re looking for the best organisations in Coaching, Training and Development, Training Skills, Personal Development, or Leadership Development, go no further.

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F6S Community Mentoring Companies

F6S Community Mentoring Companies
F6S Community Mentoring Companies

In F6S, business mentoring companies in the UAE based in the training and coaching industry are the 30th most popular industry and market group; if you are interested in this market, mentoring companies from the F6S community are the best in the UAE.

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1. Letsrise Mentorship Company Abu Dhabi

Letsrise empowers entrepreneurs through innovative education. They created the ‘MasterClass’- style platform specifically for entrepreneurship. It uses an annual subscription revenue model with endless upsell options. They target the same clientele as LinkedIn, MasterClass, and Mindvalley. Individuals sign up to develop the correct mindset and spirit for entrepreneurship using our novel Failure-Based Learning approach, which includes Videos and Live Workshops.

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2. Knack Lab Mentoring Platform

Knack is MENA’s first talent development platform that enables businesses to produce modern leaders on a large scale. They accomplish this by allowing companies to operate tailored coaching and mentorship programs that can be scaled across departments and functions to assist employees in building personal and professional abilities.

Also, Knack Lab is a coaching and mentoring tool that accelerates employee growth in the UAE and Africa. It currently runs two interconnected systems. One of them is an external coaching platform with 50+ leading and ICF-certified leadership coaches from MENA who speak over eight languages. This platform offers an on-demand microlearning solution. HR subscribes users to the coaching seat per user per month model.

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3. The Book Clubber’s

The Book Clubber community is intended for readers, learners, and educators. It’s for anyone who wants to use multiple of The Book Clubber’s solutions, such as sharing their passion or learning to grow as a reader. We will target book lovers and bring together creative fields and individual talents on one platform. We are launching 16 distinct parts of the business to help enhance community reach and effortlessly bring people together to share their passion for books! This is our opportunity to build something more prominent and ambitious, which we know book enthusiasts will like!

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4. Kregzo – The Creative Zone is a 360-degree virtual incubator where entrepreneurs and business owners can transform their ideas into fully operational businesses. They can find the proper personnel, form teams, validate their ideas with an active community, connect with mentors worldwide, and even attract investors—all on one platform! They assist entrepreneurs in bringing exceptional concepts that have been validated to market.

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5. Mydrasa Online School

Mydrasa is an online school for middle and high school students that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide guided instruction in an automated, engaging, and rewarding environment. Mydrasa is revolutionising the learning experience by unifying various educational resources into one spot, better aligning our students with future expectations. Our students can use Mydrasa to augment their existing academic activities or completely replace their current school.

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Best Mentors for Entrepreneurs in Dubai UAE

Best Mentors for Entrepreneurs UAE
Best Mentors for Entrepreneurs UAE

We advocate reaching out to the many incubators, accelerators, events, community projects, and mentorship programme in Dubai UAE, such as:

Pitch Competitions:

  • AngelHack.
  • StartupWeekend.
  • MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition.


  • Flat6Labs.
  • Astrolabs.
  • Turn8.
  • in5.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Founders Events:

  • STEP Conference.
  • Arabnet Dubai.
  • Wamda Mix’n’Mentor events.
  • WOMENA’s Angel Series Workshops.
  • Entrepreneur Rising Course.

Mentoring Programs:

  • TechWadi.
  • Mompreneurs.
  • Reach Mentoring.

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Best Startup Mentors in Dubai

Best Startup Mentors in Dubai
Best Startup Mentors in Dubai

Finding a mentor in Dubai can help you develop new skills, grow your business, and network with like-minded people. There are many locations where you can look for mentors, but the top selections are:

The Business Leadership Group

BLG is a network of business experts who share their knowledge and experience to assist others in expanding their enterprises. They provide a variety of seminars and workshops to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their objectives.

The Dubai Women’s Business Centre

The Dubai Women’s Business Centre provides varied training courses.

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Leading Mentoring Consultants in Dubai 2024

Dubai Womens Business Centre
Dubai Womens Business Centre

CleverX is an audience discovery platform for research teams. You may earn money with CleverX by sharing your unique business skills, receiving advice from other professionals via video chat, hiring them for remote assignments, and participating in online surveys. They want to make human knowledge available while providing a dependable platform for developing genuine relationships and performing tasks.

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What does a business mentor do?

A business mentor helps their mentees grow and improve their business ideas and methods. Firm mentors are typically accomplished and successful individuals who offer their mentees the advice and direction they require to develop and operate a successful firm.

How much does business mentoring cost?

The cost may vary based on the seniority of the resources chosen to handle the mentoring program, the number of hours required, and the length of the program. A 12-month program requiring 100 man-hours of labour at a rate of $50 per hour would cost approximately $5,000 to execute.

How do I find a mentor for my business?

There are six places where you can find a business mentor:
1. Begin by assessing your current network.
2. Find a mentor with SCORE.
3. Check with your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC).
4. Attend meet-ups and networking events.
5. Join an incubator or accelerator.
6. Join a professional networking organisation.

Do business mentors charge?

Weekly: A business mentor costs around $200 each week. This charge covers the mentor’s time, travel, and meeting expenses. Monthly: An average business mentor costs $800 per month. With this cost, the mentor usually meets with the mentee for one hour weekly.

Business Mentorship UAE is the cornerstone of entrepreneurial triumph in the United Arab Emirates. Aspiring business leaders gain invaluable insights with Dubai Chamber Business Mentoring, 100 Mentors UAE, and the Integrated Online Mentoring Platform. From Abu Dhabi SME Hub to the following mentorship programs, mentorship in Dubai fuels innovation and fosters success. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking guidance or a seasoned business mentor, the UAE offers a thriving ecosystem for growth.

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