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Leadership development in UAE for developing management skills for leaders

Leadership Development in UAE continues to grow over the past few decades. Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) have become a top priority for all industries, particularly the public sector. However, LDPs tend to be based on Western leadership theories and predominantly use Western leadership development approaches, and do not take into account the influence of national culture, specifically high-context cultures, as exists in the UAE, where national culture plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness of leadership development in UAE.

Leadership Development in UAE

Many organizations believe that developing effective leaders is critical and seek out successful Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) from other countries. Despite the fact that LDPs are widely used in organizations around the world, previous research has revealed that these organizations devote little time to leadership development. An organization’s long-term success is directly related to its ability to develop competent and efficient leaders. It is critical to conduct more research on leadership and the challenges of leadership development in UAE and the Arab region.

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Leadership Development Theories

Leadership theory has evolved from more traditional leader-focused models to new-genre leadership theories, the most widely studied of which are charismatic and transformational leadership models. These include more pluralistic, multi-level, and contextual viewpoints. Although much research has been conducted on the relationship between leadership theories, leadership styles, leadership behavior, and national culture, far less research has been conducted on the role of culture in leadership development and Leadership Effectiveness in United Arab Emirates.

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Leadership Development Programs & National Culture

Leadership Development Programs
Leadership Development Programs

LDPs, like leadership theories, have evolved over time, with the majority of them incorporating key elements of leadership theory. However, the evaluation of LDPs in terms of relevance and outcomes has been called into question, with suggestions for rethinking outcome expectations and measures. Notable is the shift toward more emergent, relational approaches to leadership development in UAE, the foundation of which is concerned with developing a leader mindset rather than skill development.

The ability of the leader to respond to the complexities of contemporary circumstances, seen as requiring a particular adeptness with uncertainty, ambiguity, and collaboration, is a feature of this newer perspective. Furthermore, the emphasis is not so much on leadership as a phenomenon occurring within or enacted by individuals, but rather on leadership as a phenomenon occurring within or enacted by groups. The United Arab Emirates is an excellent example of a high-context culture, investigating the perspectives of UAE leaders on the impact of differences on their leadership conceptualization.

Participants & Interview guide & Procedures

Data is gathered through interviews with 10 participants from three different Dubai public organizations, including CEOs, Directors, Heads of Sections, and Heads of Units. All the participants are Emirati senior managers, and the questions revolve around leadership and LDPs in the context of Emirati employees and managers. This was due to the importance of leadership development in the UAE, as well as the requirement for a homogeneous cultural context in order to address the research question, this is especially important given the cultural diversity of the UAE-based workforce. Participants range in age from 30 to 60 years old, with eight males and two females. The interviews can be conducted over a three-month period.

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Leadership and Management in UAE

Leadership and Management
Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are two defined terms that are frequently used interchangeably, and they must be distinguished. Leadership is defined as the ability to inspire self-confidence and support in people who are required to achieve an organization’s goals and vision, whereas management is defined as directing people based on principles or values that the organization has already established.

According to the findings, the majority of participants understand the distinction between leadership and management. They defined leadership as inspiring, motivating, influencing, having a vision, and accepting responsibility. This supports the definition of leadership as the ability to influence, inspire, and enable others to contribute to the organization’s efficiency and success.

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UAE Leadership Development Challenges

Annually, organizations spend large sums of money on LDPs. Unfortunately, many organizations are not taking full advantage of such programs. Some organizations choose LDP participants at random rather than ensuring that their potential leaders participate in the programs; this undoubtedly has an impact on the overall effectiveness of the LDPs involved.

The findings of our study reveal a variety of challenges associated with leadership development in the UAE. Access to financial resources, adaptation to smart government, and the development and retention of effective leaders are all examples of challenges. Some participants mentioned that even when employees are supported through an LDP, a lack of opportunity to exercise leadership was a problem and challenge.

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Best 10 Leadership Training Courses in UAE

To be a successful leader, and to have leadership training experience, you must first define the future, then create a strategic plan to realize that future, and finally put that plan into action. Furthermore, as corporate cultures change and evolve as a result of management and staff turnover, mergers and acquisitions, or shifting missions to markets, you must be adaptable enough to change your leadership style in order to remain effective. The first step is to recognize how these changes affect the workforce, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. The next step is to motivate, challenge, and support your team in order to propel them to success in the face of change.

In order to become one of the leadership initiative positions in the United Arab Emirates, and follow Leadership development consultancy, you must take one of the following leadership and management training courses in Dubai UAE:

  • Advanced Leadership Communication Strategies.
  • Administration & Office Management for Female Professionals.
  • Delegation Skills Course.
  • Digital Leadership Program.
  • Leadership & Team Building Course.
  • Leadership and Management Training Skills.
  • Public Speaking Course.
  • Leadership in a Vucca World.
  • Organizational Development (OD).
  • Leadership Skills for Emerging Leaders.

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What type of leadership does Dubai have?

Sheikh Mohammed is the absolute ruler of Dubai as well as the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, a position appointed by the country’s ruler. Scholars referred to him as a wise man. The institutions are completely under the control of the UAE government leaders.

What is the leadership style in the UAE?

Leaders in the UAE, as in other hierarchical societies, may adopt a paternalistic attitude toward their employees. The UAE has a diverse workforce that includes people of various nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures.

What is the future leaders program in the UAE?

The program invests in Arab government talent in order to create a new generation of Arab leaders who are aware of future trends and prepare for the rapid global transformations that create opportunities to empower Arab societies and boost economic development in Arab countries.

How has the UAE developed over time?

Today, the UAE is a modern, oil-exporting country with a diverse economy, with Dubai, in particular, emerging as a global city and a hub for tourism, retail, and finance, as well as the home of the world’s tallest building and largest man-made seaport.

The purpose of Leadership Development in the UAE is to investigate the cultural conceptualization of leadership from a UAE perspective and to identify factors that influence the effectiveness of LDPs in developing UAE Government leaders. It has national importance in the United Arab Emirates. It also aims to identify the most effective mechanisms used in LDPs operating in the Emirates UAE public sector to improve leadership development jobs in UAE for the generation of leaders in government with leadership competencies.

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