UAE visit visa; travel requirements, fees, types and more

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UAE visit visa

If you want to visit the United Arab Emirates for a short time, to manage a business, visit a friend or just for the purpose of tourism, then a UAE visit visa is your best choice. Fortunately, the UAE government announced a one-entry or multi-entry visa that allows its holder to visit the country for a specific period of time. In order to obtain this entry permit you must apply through a travel agency or via the UAE embassy or consulate in your home country. The application process doesn’t take long but you may need to provide some documents required. Here is your ultimate guide about UAE visit visa, fees, types, how to apply and all you need to know.

What is UAE visit visa

UAE visit visa or Dubai visit visa is for foreigners who are not eligible for a visa free-entry or visa on arrival. It is a short validity permit which is only valid for a couple of months. You may ask yourself what is the difference between a UAE visit visa and UAE tourist visa? Actually there is a tiny difference between the two visas and it is about sponsorship. When applying for a UAE tourist visa you can apply by yourself without a sponsor, while when applying for a UAE visit visa it means that you want to visit family, friends or relatives who live in the UAE on a residence visa.

UAE visit visa types

There are many kinds of UAE visit visas that will differ depending on how long you want to stay in the UAE. UAE government issued the following types of visit visas with specific validity which are extended if you wish to stay in the country for longer time:

30-day UAE visit visa

There are two types of visa to enter the United Arab Emirates for short term visit (30-day visit). The first short term visit visa is a single entry tourist visa which allows its holder to enter and exit the country once. The other is multiple entry visas which allow the holders of it to enter and exit the UAE multiple times.

60-day UAE visit visa

If you are visiting the UAE for 60 days maximum this type of visa is issued for you. By obtaining this UAE visa you can enter the UAE once or multiple times depending on how many times you need.

90-day UAE visit visa

This visa also contains two types of entry, single and multiple. The holder of this visa can enter the country and stay in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the emirates during the validity of the visa which is valid for 90 days.

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UAE visit visa costs

UAE visit visa fees
UAE visit visa costs

United Arab Emirates visa fees differ depending on the type you choose and the agency you are traveling through. Here are two of the most popular agencies you can travel through and the expected cost of the process depending on visa type:

  • Applying for a visa through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA):
single entry60 daysAED 505
multiple entry60 daysAED 805
single entry90 daysAED 950
multiple entry90 daysAED 1855
  • Applying through the ICB portal will cost:
single entry30 daysAED 330
multiple entry30 daysAED 430
single entry60 dayAED 470
multiple entry60 dayAED 670
single entry90 daysAED 630
multiple entry90 daysAED 930

UAE visit visa requirements

In order to apply for visit visa you may need the following documents:

  • A valid passport with minimum validity of 6 months after the visa expiry date.
  • Passport-size photograph with white background.
  • A return flight ticket to prove that you will leave the country before your visa expires.
  • Proof of funds for example, bank statements to prove that you have enough money to cover your trip fees.
  • Medical insurance which must be applicable in the UAE.
  • Hotel booking to show that you have a place to stay during your visit.

How to apply for a UAE visit visa

You can apply for a dubai visit visa through travel agencies, airlines, hotels and even online. Let’s explore more information about the best way to apply:

Apply for UAE visit visa online

Nationals of some countries can apply and pay for their visa online through certain websites (for example If you are traveling to UAE you can submit your application and receive your UAE visit visa entirely online by mobile without the need to submit your passport for stamping by following the steps below:

  • Book your ticket from the website you are applying through.
  • Apply for a visit visa and select the option under additional services.
  • Proceed to online application and follow the required instructions.

Apply for a UAE visit visa via airlines

Emirates airlines, Etihad airways, Fly dubai are all airlines based in the UAE and grants the chance to apply for visit visa. Tourists who apply through airline companies may meet some conditions like flying with them and other conditions according to the company rules.

UAE visit visa through agencies and hotels

Travel agencies and hotels can manage a visit visa for you and take care of the hotel reservation in addition to reserving a ticket for you. If you want to travel to the UAE and you don’t have a clue for that, you can contact travel agencies in your home country and ask them about any tourist package available to the UAE and they will inform you with all the information you may need.

How much is a UAE visit visa?

It differs depending on duration and visa type.

Is visit visa open in UAE now?


How much is 3 months visit visa in UAE?

Single entry is for 630 AED and multipule entry is for 930 AED.

Do I need a visa to enter Dubai?

Yes, there are many types of visas you can obtain in order to enter Dubai or any emirate.

How will I receive my UAE visa?

Online, through your travel agency or any airline you are traveling with.

Can I extend my UAE visit visa?

Yes, UAE visit visa extension is allowed. Fortunately you can extend your visit visa for 30 days twice without leaving the country. You can apply for renewal before the expiry of the first one and the process will cost about AED 600 for each renewal.

In conclusion, obtaining a UAE visit visa is an easy straightforward process which enables you to enter the country for a month or even more, maybe to see your family members or just enjoying your vacation. The UAE will always be the best destination to spend holidays and a UAE visit visa is the tool for that.

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