UAE emirates ID card

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uae emirates Id
uae emirates ID

The UAE Emirates ID card is a mandatory national identification card for all United Arab Emirates (UAE) residents, including citizens and expatriates

The UAE Emirates ID card is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity (ICA). The card  serves as a proof of identity and contains essential personal information such as name, nationality, date of birth, photograph, and a unique ID number. what is the propose of UAE Emirates card? and how to obtain? complete reading the article to know more.

ID card properties

ID card properties
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The UAE emirates ID card has main three features:

ID Number

The identity card contains an identifying unique number known as the identity number, which is associated with its holder for life, and enables the identity holder to benefit from it in all governmental services and some non-governmental and commercial services that require proof of identity. The identity number is unique in that it does not repeat, and it includes 15 digits.

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electronic chip

It is a golden electronic chip located inside the card and includes the personal data of its owner to be read automatically when the need to use the identity. Some of this data is encrypted so that only the relevant parties are allowed to read it in order to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the data. This chip can store information of up to 144,000 characters.

Other techniques

UAE emirates ID card includes the latest smart card technologies, including fine characters, ultraviolet ink and line drawing, and has security features that make it very difficult to counterfeit.

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Obtaining UAE Emirates ID card

Obtaining UAE Emirates ID card
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Here is how to get an Emirates ID card:

  • Eligibility: All residents of the UAE, both nationals and expats, are required to have an Emirates ID card.
  • Registration: Apply online through the ICA website or any other ICA approved printing center. Submit the personal information and supporting documents required in the Emirates ID application form.
  • Fees: You pay the specified fee to obtain the card, which varies according to the validity period and the category of the applicant.
  • Biometrics: Attend an appointment at an ICA Service Center or authorized typing center to provide biometric data (fingerprints and photos).
  • Issuance: After your application has been processed and approved, your Emirates ID card status will be valid and can be collected at the specified post office or drop-off location

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purposes of UAE Emirates ID card

The UAE Emirates ID card has several purposes, including:

  • Proof of identity :is a form of identification that is legally accepted throughout the UAE, and used in transactions with government entities and other organisations.
  • Access to government services: Most government services require the use of identification, such as obtaining driver’s licenses, registering vehicles, opening bank accounts, and applying for visas and permits.
  • Protection and fraud prevention: The card has high-fidelity security features, including biometric data (fingerprints) and an electronic chip to reduce identity theft and fraud.
  • Smart Services: The card can be used to access electronic services, facilitating faster and more efficient transactions

It should be noted that whoever wants to cancel the Emirates ID, whether for the purpose of leaving the country or terminating the job, must hand over the identity card to the competent General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs

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UAE emirates ID information update

According to the Federal Authority for Identity and Customs, the identity card holder must inform the competent authority of any change in the data included within one month.

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Emirates ID renewal

The identity card issued by the UAE must be renewed within thirty days of its expiry date. If it is not renewed, a fine will be paid due to the delay. After the expiration date of the identity card, its owner must submit an application for renewal. The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security sends a notification via text message before the card expires. .

Who is eligible for UAE Emirates ID card?

Obtaining an Emirates ID card is mandatory for all residents of the UAE, including Emirate citizens, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries( GCC nationals ) and expatriates residing in the country.

How can I get my UAE Emirates ID card?

It is possible to apply for the ID card through the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, via the electronic service on the Authority’s website, or through accredited printing centers in the country.

How do I get a replacement for a lost UAE Emirates ID card?

In the event that your Emirates ID card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you must apply for a mew emirates ID card by refer directly to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security, and request the issuance of a replacement for a lost/damaged one.

finally, In our article, we learned about the Emirates ID, the most important uses, and ways to issue it. We also mentioned how to renew it and the most common questions among people

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