UAE dependent visa: sponsor your family members after fulfilling the rules and conditions required

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UAE dependent visa: sponsor your family members after fulfilling the rules and conditions required

You are in the Emirates residing, working and settling there, but you want to bring your family members to your side in the United Arab Emirates or sponsor someone for a UAE. The most appropriate solution in this case is to sponsor your family in the UAE through a dependent visa. 

New visa rules in the UAE are simplifying the process of sponsoring a family in the country. However, the person who sponsors the family is required to have a specific income. Also, you must first understand the uae family visa rules 2023 and instructions for obtaining a UAE dependent visa in order to make it easier for you to obtain residency visas for your dependents.

The following article will provide you with all the details about the dependency visa, its cost, visa rules in UAE, and the requirements for obtaining a dependent visa in the United Arab Emirates.

What is a UAE family and dependent visa?

A dependent visa is a type of visa issued by the Emirates that allows residence visa holders and residents in the Emirates and those who fulfill the rules imposed on them to sponsor their families. As a visa holder in the United Arab Emirates, you can support others to obtain their visas, including parents, spouse or children as well. With this type of visa, you can meet with family members and enjoy having them stay by your side if your life is stable there and remain in the UAE.

Therefore, it is distinguished from other types of visas, such as the golden visa or the investor visa, resident visa, employment visa. But in order to obtain a dependent visa, you must fulfill its requirements, know its cost, and how to obtain it. 

Sponsoring family members in UAE

Any expatriate in the UAE can sponsor his family to come through a dependent visa, but he must fulfill the requirements and laws of the family visa to bring them. Dubai family visa requirements and criteria are the following:

  • minimum salary to sponsor parents in UAE should be 4000 dirhams to sponsor the wife or children.
  • The wife can also sponsor her husband. In Abu Dhabi, the sponsor must be an employee or an engineer or work in the medical sector, and his salary is not less than 8000 dirhams, with a valid residence permit.and valid uae residence visa.
  • There are no restrictions for family sponsorship in Dubai for people who receive a salary of 10,000 dirhams and obtain approval from the GDRFA.
  • A mother can sponsor her children, but approval must be received from the ICP.
  • Foreign students studying at UAE universities can also take care of their families, provided that they have suitable living accommodation.

UAE spouse visa processing time

There is only a 90-day period to apply for Spouse and Child Sponsorship If you want to obtain a visa from the UAE. When they arrive and enter the UAE they obtain an entry permit, and they have a period of 3 months to convert the entry permit into a residence visa.

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UAE dependent visa documents

UAE spouse visa in dubai
UAE dependent visa requirements

In the event that you want to sponsor the husband or children, you must submit some of the required documents to have a spouse visa, which are the following:

  • A certificate from the employer.
  • A rental contract for housing.
  • The latest utility bill.
  • Copies of the passports for the spouses or children.
  • Certified birth certificate for children. 
  • An attested marriage certificate as well.
  • A copy of the work or partnership contract. 
  • Pictures of the wife and children. 
  • Medical examination document for the partner and kids.

UAE dependent visa fees

The dependency visa is somewhat expensive, UAE dependent visa or family visa cost in dubai 2023 is 1750 dh and a refundable deposit is needed which costs 5000 AED.

Renewal cost of UAE family visa

In case the current visa expires and the residence period for the dependents ends, you can change the original status or renew the dependent visa to remain in uae. but every day that passes after the expiry of the visa validity period may cost you an additional fee of 100 AED per day.

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Validity of dependent visa in Dubai

The validity of the sponsorship visa depends on the sponsor’s job and his employment contract, but on average, the validity of the visa lasts for two to three years. The sponsored visa continues for the same period as the visa of the sponsor is still valid, whether it is two or three years, but if the sponsorship visa is canceled, the same will happen, and the individual visa will be cancelled. 

In the event that the sponsor’s visa expires, he has only 30 days to obtain a new permit, while the dependents have their permits canceled and become illegal residents, and they have to pay a fine for exceeding the period.

Can I apply for dependent visa in UAE?

Either you or your employer can apply for the UAE dependent visa. You can apply with an Emirates ID and a residence visa, along with a few other eligibility requirements.

Who is eligible for dependent visa in Dubai?

To be elugible for UAE dependent visa You must be a UAE citizen, a valid residence visa holder, or a valid residence permit holder living in the country. You must earn a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 per month plus accommodation if you are a male. Whereas female sponsors must have a minimum salary of AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation.

How much is a UAE dependent visa?

Sponsorship File Opening: AED 200 to 300. Entry Permit: AED 400 to 1200. Visa Status Change: AED 690.

How long does it take to get dependent visa in UAE?

you must apply for a residence visa within 60 days. The time varies, but usually, UAE dependent visa takes about 2 weeks.

Can I apply for a family visa in UAE online?

Yes, You can apply for your family members’ entry permit at one of the following: The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – GDRFA either online (see the websites below) or in-person.

Who is Eligible for a UAE Dubai Dependent Visa?

The UAE Residence Visa or UAE Dependent Visa allows spouses and kids of such expatriates in Dubai or any one of the Emirates to join their family member who is living and working in Dubai.

What are the Different Types of Dubai Dependent Visas?

there are 3 diffrent types to UAE dependent visa, and they are the following:
Husband sponsoring wife and children.
Sponsoring parents.
Wife sponsoring family.

At the end of our article, we find that the UAE dependent visa came from UAE government to facilitate families to meet with each other in the UAE, as this can be done by fulfilling the requirements of the UAE family visa, secure its cost, and know how to do visa application process for obtaining it from the competent authorities.

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