History of UAE flag; The most important historical developments

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تاريخ علم الإمارات العربية المتحدة يتضمن بعض التغييرات من بدايته إلى الوقت الحاضر

History of UAE flag is linked to the love of patriotism by the people. Where the latent feelings of pride and love flow when seeing the flag of your country flying high, embodying the meaning of Arabism and pride. The flag also symbolizes the homeland in all victories and national occasions. Likewise, the body of the martyr bears among the corners of the flag recognition and appreciation for what he offered for his homeland. As the history of UAE flag bears the title of cooperation and union, what is the history of the UAE flag?

What is the flag of the United Arab Emirates?

History of UAE flag carries many meanings of union and pride. As the flag consists of four colors: red, green, black, and white, which indicate Arab unity. The flag of the UAE was adopted when it was raised by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan on December 2, 1971, AD.

History of UAE flag was also chosen from among 1,030 designs by a competition supervised by the Information Department and the Amiri Diwan in the Abu Dhabi government. The UAE flag was designed by Abdullah Mohammed Al Maeena and became the officially approved design in the history of UAE flag until our present era.

History of UAE flag

The flag of the UAE is one of the symbols that indicate the ancient history of the Emirates. It also symbolizes the happiness, joy, and security embodied in national and religious events at the level of the UAE and all foreign countries. Since the flag is one of the emblems that express the identity of the state, it also suggests all manifestations of sovereignty.

Therefore, all modern nation-states adopt flags that express their historical and national identity and culture. The flag also varies from country to country in color and emblem. Therefore, the UAE flag is linked to the UAE national anthem, and the anthem is one of the necessities whose meanings that express the country’s identity and history must be preserved.

The history of UAE flag begins immediately after independence in 1971 AD. The result of winning a competition was published in the UAE newspaper Al-Ittihad, and the crowd presented a different number of designs. But luck was on the side of the contestant, Abdullah Mohammed Al-Maeena when his design won first place. The design of the flag was inspired by the following poetic verse: (The eggs of our craftsmen are the greens of our pastures….the blackness of our facts is the red of our pasts), which expresses the ancient and newborn history of the UAE until now.

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Who is the designer of the UAE flag?

Who is the designer of the UAE flag
Who is the designer of the UAE flag

Abdullah Mohammed Al Maani, who is currently the country’s ambassador to the Czech Republic, is the designer. The idea of ​​designing the flag came when he saw an advertisement in the Al-Ittihad newspaper stating that a competition would require a design for the UAE flag. Although, there was not enough time, as there were only three days left until the deadline for the submission of designs. Abdullah’s passion to leave a special mark in the ancient history of the Emirates is what pushed him toward progress and creativity. He spent an entire night working on the design and was able to create a wide variety of models, but only 6 were chosen.

He received great happiness when he saw the founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, raising the flag the moment the result was announced. To make sure that his design has officially become the flag of the UAE. Therefore, the name of Abdullah Muhammad Al-Maeena was engraved in the history of the United Arab Emirates under the heading of the designer of the Emirates flag.

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The date of hoisting the UAE flag

The UAE flag was raised for the first time on December 2, 1971, during the celebrations of the UAE National Flag Day, in which the UAE was united by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This date becomes the history of the flows and achievements that embodied the UAE in the best sense of success and giving. Where its giving was not limited to citizens only, but its giving was transmitted to everyone who lived under its shadow. So that the UAE remains the first country in the world in areas of peaceful coexistence between nationalities.

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UAE flag color meaning

UAE flag color meaning
UAE flag color meaning

The UAE flag color consists of a group of different colors that indicate Arab unity. As the flag symbol differs according to the prevailing color. Therefore, the UAE flag contains four colors: red, green, white, and black, and they all symbolize the following:

  • The red color symbolizes the sacrifices of the countrymen to protect the national gains.
  • The green color suggests all kinds of growth, development, prosperity, and renaissance.
  • The white color refers to benevolence and giving, and the pursuit of achieving and spreading peace.
  • The black color symbolizes the power enjoyed by the people of the UAE.

UAE flag scales

UAE flag scales
UAE flag scales

The flag of the Emirates is one of the professional designs that were designed with high precision. Every small detail in the flag indicates a long history, and among the measures of the Emirates flag are the following:

  • Rectangular.
  • Its width is half its length.
  • The three sections contain an equal and parallel horizontal area of ​​the colors of the flag, with green at the top of the flag, and white at the middle. Also, the black color at the bottom of the flag.
  • Fixing the flag in a horizontal position makes the red side to the left.
  • Green is on the right and red is on top of the flag and installed in a vertical position.
  • The flagpole shall be three times the length of the flag.
  • The country’s motto is added in the middle of the flag.

UAE Flag Day

The United Arab Emirates flag is one of the national features for which parties are held to commemorate its founding. As the UAE government has allocated a special day to celebrate the national flag. This celebration also aims to identify the flag and the national achievements made since the first founder of the state (Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan).

Most of the celebrations and events are held throughout the UAE. Especially on National Flag Day, as these parties take place in all government agencies, universities, schools, cultural centers, and other government institutions. The concerts also aim to raise awareness of the value of the history of science and what it symbolizes in historical achievements. That has already been achieved for a future vision in various fields.

Flag Day is a national campaign that takes place on the third day of November each year. The first celebration began in 2013 AD when all national institutions raised the UAE flag. Therefore, this day is a national tradition added to the official national holidays of the United Arab Emirates. As an attempt to connect future generations with the history of their ancient country.

Who first raised the UAE flag?

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

What was the first UAE flag?

It was the first flag to consist of a horizontal tricolor of green, white and black with a vertical red stripe 1/4 wide at the hoist.

What is the meaning behind the colors of the UAE flag?

Green refers to goodness and agriculture, abundant throughout the country. White refers to peace. Black refers to courage and power. Red refers to power and sovereignty.

What is an interesting fact about the UAE flag?

The flag was sketched and designed by a then 19-year-old · It was declared on December 2nd, 1971, which is now observed as National Day.

The history of UAE flag contains valuable information that will help you identify the beginning of the establishment of the flag. As the flag has a direct impact on the people of the country. Also, the flag contains four different colors that enhance their patriotism and introduce them to the long-standing achievements that the United Arab Emirates is crowned with.

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