UAE cultural development; most important information its impact on young people

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Published 9 months ago on 23 June, 2023-343 views
التنمية الثقافية الإماراتية تحتوي على الكثير من الإجراءات التي لا يمكنك تصديقها.

Since the beginning of the past decades, the culture sector in the UAE has flourished rapidly during the XXI century, and many diverse cultural organizations and initiatives have emerged that are trying hard to strengthen the position of the UAE among the People. What is UAE cultural development?

Development of Culture in the United Arab Emirates

UAE cultural development is one of the essential lists on which the beliefs and principles of people are based. Culture is one of the means that express the remarkable development in a particular country over the years due to everyday actions occurring in specific periods. Many organizations and initiatives in the United Arab Emirates have united to introduce everyone to their country’s Culture.

Cultural initiatives have developed to be a center for specialized media professionals. As well as the Abu Dhabi Foundation, media organizations specialized in arts and music. And the Sharjah Art Foundation. Many others are an integral part of the broad trends that have led to the UAE government increasing its focus on economic diversification and transforming it into a cultural scene, increasing the impact on the public interest and cultural investment.

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What is UAE cultural development?

What is UAE cultural development
What is UAE cultural development

UAE cultural development has gained global recognition for its excellent position and has become a global cultural leader. Due to economic initiatives that included the launch of the Cultural Development Fund. Which refers to supporting all cultural activities within the country. As well as helping and encouraging valuable projects aimed at developing Emirati artistic creativity and skills.

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The talents of young people influenced the UAE culture sector

talents young people influenced UAE culture sector
talents young people influenced UAE culture sector

Ambitious young people have played a prominent role in the development of Emirati culture. As talents are diverse and vary from individual to individual, diverse perspectives and increased interaction within cultural events had the most significant impact on design and creativity. This led to increased production of works of art, and the most prominent cultural events took place in Venice and Milan.

The two pioneering events represented a watershed moment in the presentation of talented Emirati designers. The selected designers showcased all the creative talents of design pieces. Artworks and projects as an attempt to highlight the relationships between heritage. Current design practice and the materials used in construction. These were Visual Global moments in which the designs showcased Emirati culture’s positive, creative power in terms of understanding, conversation, and narrative.

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Identity and sustainable development

Identity sustainable development
Identity sustainable development

The goal of preserving the Culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates is constantly increasing with the March of development and progress in the current times. Inheritance is one of the main priorities for developing a national identity for future generations.

Heritage is not limited to sites and buildings only but is also based on intangible social processes and the preservation of memories and cultural knowledge. This is the primary key to presenting authentic images of the UAE to the international community.

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The steps of the United Arab Emirates toward Culture

UAE cultural development has taken many serious steps to diversify its economy. And has also worked to strengthen and develop infrastructure and help strengthen global trade relations. The country has also focused on developing cultural and creative partnerships, for example, the UAE cultural dialogue, the French conversation, and creative cooperation between the UAE and the UK.

How has the culture of UAE changed?

Emirati culture is a mixture of Arab, Islamic and Persian cultures, with influences from the cultures of East Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

What are the 3 features of UAE culture?

Tolerance, family, solidarity, and cohesion.

Is UAE multi-cultural?

The UAE is a young and multicultural society.

UAE cultural development have been built over diverse years. United by the guiding values of the nation, where the late founder Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, stressed that economic growth is not a goal in itself. Despite its status and importance, it is a way to make life more moderate and balanced; therefore, some believe this type of development is sustainable for the nation.

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