Dubai history; The most important information about the Emirati civilization

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Dubai history, here is the most important information from its inception to the present time
Dubai history, here is the most important information from its inception to the present time

Dubai history is full of annual innovations, as it was dubbed the Pearl of the Gulf as well as the title of Dana Al-Dunya because of its rich heritage. It bears in addition to the modern lifestyle that keeps pace with the historical era according to the change of annual factors, as the Emirate of Dubai tries to adapt to the technological developments taking place; Therefore, between these lines. We will introduce you to the modern and ancient history of Dubai and take you on a tour of Dubai’s ancient monuments.

What is the Emirate of Dubai?

Dubai is one of the seven cities of the United Arab Emirates. It is also located in the Arabian Peninsula belonging to the south of the Arabian Gulf, where the omega dubai desert classic was born in 1833 AD. It is also one of the important centers in the formation of money and business and a tourist destination that millions of tourists come to throughout the year. As Dubai was in the past a small city, its economy depended on hunting fish, but it has now become one of the most important cities around the world, as Dubai is home to about 200 different nationalities.

Dubai has also developed in recent years, and the free economy has become the approved economy, and the absence of a tax system has played an effective role in attracting investors from all over the world.

Dubai also allows visitors to experience all its distinctive tourist attractions, where you can wander among the wonderful sand dunes. As enjoy visiting Dubai Creek and Dubai Museum, participating in the Dubai Free Tennis Championships. And other attractions that leave memories of new adventures inside you. that makes you want to go back and learn about Dubai’s history again.

A brief history of Dubai

A brief history of Dubai
A brief history of Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is one of the tourist attractions that enjoy many tourist attractions that attract many tourists from all over the world. As a visitor, you can learn about Dubai’s offerings according to the different tourist seasons, where you can learn about history of Dubai tourism, and tour the Dubai Museum to learn about its ancient monuments. Also, history and culture of Dubai contain some information that you will get to know between the following lines.

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The first to settle in Dubai

The first to settle in Dubai
The first to settle in Dubai

Dubai history tourism dates back to the Minoan civilization, as it was a large mangrove swamp before humans came to live in Dubai, and the swamp dried up to 3000 BC. Therefore, the city became eligible for habitation, so nomadic cattle herders from the Bronze Age became the first to settle in the city of Dubai. where they began working on cultivating palm trees at the beginning of 2500 BC, and that was the first time that the land of Dubai was used in agriculture, and it continued in this situation for a few thousand generals.

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Al Maktoob rule for the Emirate of Dubai

Dubai history explained the settlement of the Al Maktoum tribe, in history books by defeating the Bani Yas tribe, in Dubai in 1833 AD under the leadership of (Maktoum bin Butti). Therefore, I took over the leadership and rule of the Emirate of Dubai until the present time.

The ruling Al Maktoob family also worked to develop Bur Dubai and Deira in various fields, as it paid great attention to the commercial sector, which contributed to raising the value of the economic level of the country. Therefore, it issued laws providing for raising the tax on expatriates, which helped the huge influx of labor coming to Dubai.

A stopping point for passing caravans

It was mentioned within Dubai history that the strategic location of the fishing settlement of Dubai was a passage for trade caravans in the century AD along the trade corridor linking Oman and Iraq. As there was in Dubai the Jumeirah region, which is considered the most luxurious. Also, a vital area of ​​Dubai that hosts the finest Jumeirah restaurants in the current era. It is also considered a distinctive corridor for the relaxation of expatriates from all over the world.

Dubai history in books

It is the first knowledge of the city of Dubai at the level of the Arab world when it was mentioned in the book of geography (Dictionary of what I used). where this book was written by the Andalusian polymath and geographer (Abu Abdullah Al- Bakri). As the book explained the fascinating history enjoyed by the city of Dubai also bojica burst into the history books.

Dubai and the pearl trade

They burst into the history books with the pearl trade, as the United Arab Emirates and Dubai cannot be mentioned without praising the pearl hunting and trade in the Emirates. where the profession of the Emiratis was in the past, and Dubai was famous for the pearl Trade in the world. As it appeared for the first time in 1580 AD when it was visited by the pearl merchant (Jaspero), who descended from Venice and has since become one of the richest countries in the world in trade and pearling.

They also engaged in sea fishing and boat building, providing sustenance to merchants who came to sell spices, gold, and textiles; Therefore, Dubai is a commercial crossing due to its strategic location.

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Historical landmarks in Dubai

Historical landmarks in Dubai
Historical landmarks in Dubai

The oldest written record of Dubai history shows that the Al Fahidi neighborhood is considered the most prominent historical landmark in Dubai. As it is a living natural history that visitors learn about the heritage and Dubai history, even the old market.

Dubai Economic History

Rise of Dubai history after documenting tax exemption laws, as this law helped several senior workers from Pakistan and India come to practice the profession in Dubai. Therefore, the United Arab Emirates achieved tremendous success in the economic and commercial sectors. Despite this success, Dubai is still dependent on trade, fishing, and diving for pearl diving, until it appeared in the fifties of the twentieth century, the invention of artificial pearls threatened the economy of Dubai history.

How did Dubai become so rich?

Free trade, a low tax rate, and zero income tax have made Dubai a popular business hub and a wealthy state.

What country was Dubai before?

Dubai also spelled Dubai, constituent emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

What was Dubai known for?

the city is known for its riches, its glitzy and innovative development and architecture, and its shopping scenes.

What was Dubai before it was rich?

Back in the 1770s until the late 1930s, the primary source of income in the Trucial Coast of what is now the UAE was a pearl industry.

Dubai history is full of external influences for a woman to compete in the Dubai duty. History of Dubai developments began since its rule from the Al Maktoum family, to keep pace with modern technological developments. To prove that Dubai is one of the best tourist attractions in the United Arab Emirates, and also its distinction at the level of countries in the world.

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