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UAE Job Market Trends of Engineers and Doctors

UAE Job Market Trends are increasing with growing businesses, new projects, and international investments. Over the years, the UAE, the Arab world’s second-largest economy, has implemented numerous legal, economic, and social reforms. The UAE has been attracting many workers with skills with new visas and incentives for the establishment and expansion of various businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Job Market Trends

A recent survey of UAE Job Market Trends and Hiring Trends has given foreign immigrants a lot of hope. Every 7 out of 10 UAE firms, or 70% of the UAE firms, intend to hire a new employee based on their skill set and qualifications. Furthermore, approximately 50% of organizations hire foreign immigrants who are available within three months. To attract more skilled immigrants, UAE firms have raised their wages. 86% of working professionals believe their career prospects will improve over the next five years.

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Top Jobs Market Trends in UAE

UAE Jobs in demand
UAE Jobs in demand

The introduction of new projects and initiatives has resulted in an increase in job vacancies in industries sectors of technology and human resources in the labour market in the UAE. Despite the global trend, the UAE job market expanded significantly in the first quarter of 2023. Head offices, in particular, the employment market has been a 20 percent increase in job opportunities within specific sectors released.

Recruiters have recognized Dubai’s ongoing economic boom and expect this positive momentum to market in the UAE will continue. In addition, They attribute this trend to implementing new projects and initiatives that were carefully planned and implemented.

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IT Information Technology

The UAE’s highly developed IT infrastructure contributes to scientific and technological advancements. (IT) is the UAE’s third-highest-earning economy. It is estimated that the UAE’s IT industry has around USD 1 trillion in untapped investment. The UAE’s digital economy accounts for 4.3% of the UAE’s GDP.

The UAE’s IT sector is currently in need of skilled workers due to the country’s labor shortage. In the UAE, an IT employee can earn up to ARD 6,500 per month. The table below depicts the various roles in employment creation markets that an IT professional can perform and earn a competitive monthly salary:

High Jobs in Information Technology (IT)Average salary per month
IT AdministratorAED 3000
T SupportAED 4000
IT Service ManagerAED 4000
IT Field SupportAED 6000
IT Tech Support EngineeringAED 6000
Systems AdministratorAED 8000
Helpdesk IT EngineerAED 9000
IT Systems EngineerAED 10000
MIS specialistAED 11000
Project ManagerAED 33000

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Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting jobs are expected to grow rapidly in the UAE and the Middle East. Depending on the employer, both may play different roles. Finance and accounting professionals are currently in short supply in the UAE. A professional in Finance and Accounting can earn up to AED 7,500 per month as a result. The table below shows the average monthly wage for various roles in Finance & Accounting occupations:

Various Jobs in Finance & AccountingAverage salaries per month
Finance ManagerAED 22000
Risk & Audit ManagerAED 20000
Managing DirectorAED 20000
Senior Financial & Planning AnalystAED 18000
Accounting and Finance ExecutiveAED 15000
Finance & Banking SpecialistAED 15000
Strategy AnalystAED 14000
Senior Accountant SpecialistAED 12000
Trading OfficerAED 9000
Logistics Coordinator & Admin AssistantAED 7000

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Sales and Marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Sales and marketing are two of the most popular jobs in the UAE. Hiring Sales and Marketing employees has increased by 20%, and this percentage is expected to rise further over the next three years. Due to a talent shortage, 52% of employers are looking for skilled Sales and Marketing professionals. A sales professional can expect to earn AED 5,500 per month on average, while a marketing professional can expect to earn AED 5845 per month on average.

High Jobs in SalesAverage salary per month
Service Sales EngineerAED 17000
Sales ExecutiveAED 13500
Sales ManagerAED 10000
Customer Service SupervisorAED 8000
Sales CoordinatorAED 7000
SalesAED 5000
Sales AssistantAED 5000
Sales PromotersAED 5000
Executive SalesAED 4000
Sales ConsultantAED 4000

The table below shows the various roles that a Marketing professional can play, as well as the average monthly wage:

Various Jobs in MarketingAverage salary per month
Growth Marketing ManagerAED 25000
Marketing ExecutiveAED 18000
Brand Marketing SpecialistAED 15000
Performance Marketing ExecutiveAED 15000
Marketing ManagerAED 12000
SM Marketing ManagerAED 9000
Marketing CoordinatorAED 7000
Marketing AdministratorAED 4000
Marketing AssistantAED 4000
Digital Marketing ExecutiveAED 4000

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Hospitality Sector

The UAE is a highly regarded destination for the hospitality industry, as hotel businesses contribute significantly to the country’s overall economy. The UAE has a thriving hospitality industry with enormous growth potential. On average, a hospitality professional can earn AED 8000 per month. Opportunities are expected to grow over the next five years.

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are in high demand in the UAE, and it is one of the top-demand jobs for trained professionals in 2023. This labor shortage is expected to last for the next five years. Healthcare professionals have been migrating to the UAE for decades. Post-pandemic demand has increased in the last two years. A healthcare professional can earn a monthly salary of up to AED 7188.

High Jobs in HealthcareAverage salary per month
PhysicianAED 15000
PediatriciansAED 12500
DieticianAED 10000
Registered NurseAED 7500
PhysiotherapistAED 6000
Diagnostic radiographerAED 5625
ChildcareAED 5250
Clinic ManagerAED 5000

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Jobs opportunities in demand in UAE

UAE job opportunities
UAE job opportunities

According to a recent global recruitment agency Robert Walters report, the banking and financial services sector is experiencing significant growth. Job opportunities in this sector have increased compared to the same period in 2022.

The technology sector has seen a significant increase in job vacancies, with a 20 percent increase. Following closely behind is the human resources sector, which has seen a respectable 10% increase in job employment opportunities.

Here is the job outlook that is in demand in the UAE in 2023:

1. Psychologist. 9. Project managers.
2. AI, machine learning specialists.10. Supply chain professionals.
3. Machine learning expert.11. Data scientists.
4. Cybersecurity specialist.12. Cabin crew.
5. Researchers.13. Engineers.
6. Digital transformers.14. Technicians
7. Web designers.15. Automation experts.
8. Digital market experts.16. Business development professionals.

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What is the job situation in UAE?

The UAE’s job market expanded rapidly, as businesses expanded to meet increased demand for their products and services. The UAE government gets economies strategically improved. This expansion was seen in almost every industry, including aviation, land, travel and tourism, and many others.

What is the job market in UAE in 2023?

UAE job market trends expanded significantly in the first quarter of 2023, defying global trends. Head offices, in particular, have seen an increase, with an impressive 20% increase in available positions in certain industries.

What is in high demand in UAE?

The UAE’s healthcare sector is expanding rapidly, driven by a growing population and a focus on providing world-class medical services. Healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical technologists will be in high demand in 2023.

How is the current job market in UAE?

The UAE job market trends are currently strengthening. There are 15 jobs that are in high demand among UAE companies. According to a recent survey, the UAE will have a massive job market in the coming months.

UAE job market trends are showing signs of a strong recovery, with vacancies for mid-level to senior-level positions increasing sharply. The increase in the number of jobs can be attributed to several companies’ aggressive expansion. More workers are required for business expansion. Companies in a variety of industries are looking to fill more positions. When a company wants to expand its footprint, it looks for talented people to hire.

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