UAE Digital Culture; Analyzing the Impact of Digital Transformation on UAE’s Cultural Landscape

Eslam Mobarak
Published 6 months ago on 26 December, 2023-598 views
UAE Digital Culture transformation is a broad term for creation strategies and industries

UAE digital culture is a hotbed of creativity and forward-thinking in the Middle East. More innovative ideas always need to be in the technology space. The growing use of DevOps application development approaches, automation, and optimization to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure in Dubai, UAE, is becoming significant across many major businesses.

The UAE is implementing a massive National Innovation Strategy to become one of the world’s most innovative nations. Ghadan, established to improve the country’s national strategy, is a daring project to boost the emirate’s competitiveness in the following years.

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UAE Digital Culture

The government-led accelerator program’s knowledge and innovation tenet will be heavily influenced by digital culture. We also anticipate that open-source projects will play a significant role in enabling the program to build a digital infrastructure that will allow economic and social growth faster, more scalable, and cost-effectively.

Digital transformation is a broad word that is being used to address innovation strategies and initiatives being implemented around the world. As more specific use cases and digital transformation applications are deployed and adopted, digital culture will substantially impact digital literacy. Consider healthcare, where technology enables innovation in diagnosis and treatment to save lives daily.

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Digital Culture Improving Customer Experience

Digital Cultural Customer
Digital Cultural Customer

End-user experience is becoming the digital barometer for the success and efficiency of digital culture and innovation. Sectors are creating new ways to collaborate in more intelligent, networked ecosystems. The experience dividend is expected to develop seamless touchpoints across physical and digital services for end users in the digital economy and enable enterprise and government sectors to harness better decision-making capabilities to provide more enriched customer-oriented outcomes.

This digital trend business way of thinking and transforming business is focused on providing customers with solutions that allow them to eliminate pain spots within their architecture and establish pathways to develop and deploy solutions that address the problems of the digital service experience.

Collaboration with Emirates NBD to establish an enterprise-distributed private cloud platform is one of the successful examples. The platform serves as a springboard for providing customers with more tailored, always-on digital banking services. Furthermore, the platform is future-proofed to meet the bank’s future hybrid cloud approach.

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UAE Digital Culture & Impact on Employment & Workplace Culture

UAE Digital Workplace Culture
UAE Digital Workplace Culture

Knowledge, methods, and behaviors are shared among cultures to define enterprises and affect success. While organizations are under intense pressure to improve their digital footprint in these turbulent times, it must be underlined that digital cultures begin within. Organizations must cultivate and nurture digital attitudes and behaviors to reap the benefits of digital cultures in the future.

By definition, digital culture is open-source. Every aspect of ethos is oriented toward unlocking open-source innovation through a collaborative ecosystem that values transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community. This organic approach to work and leadership fosters an ideal environment where employees may speak up honestly and freely about ideas.

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UAE Digital Transformation Summit 2024

The 28th Digital Transformation Summit, co-located with the UAE Manufacturing Show, is part of a global series of events that have taken place in more than 10 cities across various continents in recent years. On the corporate agenda, digital transformation is a must. It profoundly alters how organizations function and provide value to their customers.

The Digital Transformation Summit program has been rigorously prepared to highlight essential techniques required to make informed business decisions, increase operational efficiency, and advance digital culture. The Summit will bring together 200+ C-Level Executives, Directors, and Technology Heads to debate the promise of AI, Web 3.0, IoT, Quantum Computing, Cyber Security, and other 4IR technologies, revealing the insights required to embrace dramatic change right now!

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UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025

UAE Digital Government Strategy
UAE Digital Government Strategy

The primary goal of the Emirates UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025 is to garner broad cross-sectoral Ministry of Culture government support and buy-in for incorporating digital features into overall government goals. It is designed to leave no one behind (Inclusive by default), be resilient, fit for the digital era, be user-driven, digital by design, data-driven, open by default, and proactive.

The UAE’s National Digital Government Strategy is organized into 8 dimensions. The elements were designed to leverage The OECD Digital Government Policy Framework and were adjusted to the UAE’s development strategy. The eight dimensions are as follows:

Leave no one behind (By default, inclusive)

Leaving No one behind (by default) can be accomplished by:

  • The critical goals of UAE digital government plans are open and inclusive processes, accessibility, transparency, and accountability.
  • Ensuring inclusiveness and bridging digital divisions, particularly on seniors, determined individuals, women, children, and other disadvantaged groups.

The Resilient

This entails harnessing emerging technology to establish capabilities before disasters and crises so that they may be responded to proactively and adopting more robust government operations and core capabilities.


This includes encouraging cross-sectoral and inter-ministerial coordination and collaboration, establishing national priorities, and including essential stakeholders in the UAE’s digital agenda.


This dimension advocates for governments to be more user-driven, emphasizing engagement by default. It recommends putting people’s needs and convenience first when designing procedures, services, and policies and implementing inclusive approaches.

Designed to be digital

This component establishes clear organizational leadership, effective coordination, and enforcement procedures to achieve digital by-default behaviors. All policy procedures must include “digital” as a required, by design, transformative element.

Furthermore, constant experimentation is vital in this dimension since it allows for establishing controlled and flexible testing environments. These venues enable regulators, the private sector, innovators, and business leaders to interact and co-create legislation responsive to the fast speed of innovation.


A digital government governs data as a crucial strategic asset in generating public value by using it in developing, delivering, and monitoring public policies and by establishing regulations and ethical norms for its trustworthy and safe reuse.

By default, open

This means making government data and policy-making processes (including algorithms) accessible to the public by default.

Initiative Proactiveness

This dimension concerns governments’ and civil servants’ ability to anticipate people’s demands and respond to them quickly enough so that users can avoid engaging in the time-consuming data and service delivery process.

Using a seamless Single Sign-On system with the UAE National Digital ID – UAE PASS, a life cycle approach, and a once-only policy, users are no longer required to apply for services or provide supporting documentation. Instead, users are automatically notified about specialized proactive services. Reducing needless bureaucratic barriers simplifies service delivery and improves the customer experience.

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UAE Digital Objectives and Priorities

The fundamental goal of the UAE digital strategy is to garner comprehensive cross-sectoral government commitment and buy-in for incorporating digital features into overall government plans. This is critical to ensuring that the UAE Government is digital by design and that all capacities, structures, and possibilities are integrated and aligned nationally with the UAE’s strategic digital government goal. The strategy’s goals and priorities are as follows:

  • Providing a cutting-edge digital infrastructure.
  • Offering a uniform digital platform as well as common digital enablers.
  • Allow for integrated, simple, quick digital services depending on client needs.
  • Increasing digital competencies and talents.
  • Preparedness of legislation to ensure a seamless and complete digital revolution.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of government work.

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Dubai Culture & the Future of UAE’s Digital Publishing Industry

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) conducted the second edition of the Digital Publishing Forum in collaboration with and hosted by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library Foundation to showcase the current developments and address the digital publishing sector’s difficulties. Dubai Culture encouraged publishers, experts, and professionals to submit creative solutions and recommendations through this forum as a digital culture exhibition to help support the development of this crucial sector in the UAE.

Furthermore, Digital Publishing Technologies: Between Impact and Influence in Higher Colleges of Technology discussed copyright in the age of AI and the importance of digital publishing in building a green economy. The Digital Publishing Forum provided a creative and engaging environment for authors and the general public to learn how to publish their work through audio and digital book applications and list, promote, and showcase them in the UAE economic and trade digital expo and Chinese digital culture exhibition.

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The Role of Telecommunications in the UAE’s Digital Economy

UAE Telecommunications Digital Economy
UAE Telecommunications Digital Economy

The UAE unveiled its Digital Economy Strategy in 2022, setting the foundation for dynamic digital transformation and aiming to develop the country as a renowned global and regional digital hub. However, even before that historic endeavor, the UAE’s public and business sectors had aggressively begun to adopt digital models, fostering a digital culture of innovation, competitiveness, and security and accelerating better customer experiences for its people.

The seamless technology integration within traditional business frameworks promotes efficiency, cost optimization, and global reach. This “UAE digital revolution” creates a distinct operating model and digital technologies that foster agile operations, allowing businesses to respond quickly to market developments and drive a customer-centric culture.

This dynamic digital operating model enables firms in the UAE to anticipate the changing demands of the region’s and the world’s rising populations, resulting in better products and more accessible customer experiences and, eventually, increased regional and global competitiveness.

The UAE’s Digital Ambitions Have a Bright Future; the UAE’s populace is already receiving the broader benefits of the UAE’s digital-first mentality. Notably, the Emirates’ digital economy, expected to grow from $38 billion to $140 billion by 2031, is a model for the rest of the globe to emulate.

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The UAE Social Media Digital Statistics

UAE Social Media Digital Statistics
UAE Social Media Digital Statistics

As the UAE culture welcomes the region’s digital transformation, social digital media is no exception. Understanding the various social platforms rapidly becoming a way of life for individuals in Dubai is critical in making commercial inroads in the region. With a region-wide social media user base of 10 million, your company must understand the space in terms of user patterns, behaviors, demographics, and much more to engage with your audience and drive your return on investment (ROI).

The UAE is undergoing upheaval as a result of its digital economy initiatives. The region is already cultivating a culture driven by firms and individuals seeking to gain from digital methods. Knowing essential insights and statistics for each digital channel will help your firm move forward.

A data-driven approach to social media can always produce more measured and coherent results. According to the conclusions of the newest digital study for UAE, businesses like yours should focus on embracing a mobile-first strategy based on rising device type usage.

Furthermore, people flock to these platforms for news, sports, and entertainment. So, establish your social media platforms information hotspots in your area that inform and inspire clients.

What is the UAE’s digital strategy?

The primary goal of the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025 is to garner broad cross-sectoral government support and buy-in for incorporating digital features into overall government goals.

What are the digital stats in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates had 9.38 million internet users at the beginning of 2023 when internet penetration was 99.0 percent. In January 2023, the UAE had 10.00 million social media users, accounting for 105 percent of the population.

What is the digital landscape of the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates ranks top in the world in terms of social media use, according to a study, with a score of 9.55/10. The UAE is the most connected country globally, with a linked score of 7.53/10.

What is the current culture of the UAE?

Emirati culture synthesizes Arabian, Islamic, and Persian traditions, influenced by East African and Indian Subcontinent cultures.

The flagship Digital 2023 Global Overview Report, which comprises hundreds of slides of global digital data and an in-depth examination of these numbers, relates UAE digital culture to digital technology in the UAE, compared with advanced connectivities in other nations.

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