Dubai development history; The emirate of dubai is known as the miracle city

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Dubai development history; The emirate of dubai is known as the miracle city. It is one of the most populated and famous cities in the united arab emirates “uae”, cited in the arabian gulf. Dubai city is located on a creek in the country’s northeastern region. It has undergone several developments, over the years, transforming it from a small settlement and village into a well-deserved global destination. Development in dubai was the result of many events. In this chapter, We will mention the timeline of the most important events recorded in the history of dubai.

Dubai’s development history before the 19th century

The pre islamic period is considered a vague and unclear period, so there is no specific and accurate information. After the spread of Islam and during the 7th century, the Umayyad caliph invaded the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, where many artifacts dating back to the Umayyad era were found in the modern Jumeirah area. The clearest and earliest written record of dubai dates back to 1799 when the historical image become clearer. At this time, the economic life of the settlement of dubai town was mainly based on pearling, fishing, date cultivation, pastures, and boat building. As well, merchants revenues were also focused on trade. This village was one of the most important trading settlements.

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Dubai development history in the 19th century 

In the context of studying dubai development history, we cannot lose sight of the importance of the 19th century, which plays a major role in the development and growth of Dubai.

initially, one of the most important events, that contributed to the development of dubai during the 19th century, was the departure of part of the bani yas tribe, a tribal group whose roots go back to the Bedouins who inhabited the desert around abu dhabi. This tribe settled in the current Dubai area, for its development and urbanization. Since that time, the Dubai region has been under the rule of al maktoum dynasty. But the real emergence of dubai established, after sheikh maktoum, ruler of dubai, concluded an agreement with british empire, to protect the emirate’s maritime borders and thwart the attacks of competitors, as well as develop and strengthen its commercial relations, to then become a commercial center and a major port in the Middle East and an important center for pearl hunting and fishing. It also monopolized the largest commercial markets, which made it one of the largest business centers in the Gulf. All this is due to the island properties, strategic and important location of present-day Dubai. Before 1833, the Dubai region belonged to Abu Dhabi, but since 1833 Dubai has witnessed a real birth to become an independent emirate.    

Dubai development history in the 20th century 

Dubai has become a great and successful commercial center and is developing itself little by little. It witnessed great development, especially with the discovery and production of oil, which accelerated the growth engine in Dubai and made it know an important historical leap. After a period of time, the relationship between Dubai and Britain was terminated. In the year 1971, Dubai became an important and essential part of the UAE. The pearl trade continued until the thirties of the 20th century, then it died out. The original dubai development began especially in the second half of the 20th century, when the discovery of dubai’s oil reserves began. And during this century, dubai has wistennig a financial and economic development, urban development, and growth in terms of tourism, culture, education, architecture, estate, industry, infrastructure, and education. The rulers of Dubai focused on developing trade and worked to increase entrepot development projects and programs, investment, state expansion, and become a part of the international community. That’s why the oil sector is the main source and engine of the country’s economy, which has well-developed and supported the dubai development project. All these activities help in the development of Dubai by using the profits and revenue from oil and trade invested for the development of Dubai.

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Dubai development history in the 21st century

Dubai started to develop, in the 19th century and especially in the 20th century, and it reached its peak in the 21st century, and to this day it continues to work on more development plans and openness to the world. dubai development history was based mainly on external openness and expansion. In addition, the discovery of oil, that allowed the economy and trade to grow at a tremendous speed. dubai has developed to be attractive, bright, elegant, and full of life. One of the most important events and achievements in the 21st century is the proposal of a new developmental project in the year 2002 by Sheikh Mohammed to create a new Dubai using the Internet. In the year 2003, many plans were prepared, including the Burj Khalifa construction plan. Many monuments, streets, ports, etc. have been established. We can mention the luxury hotels to book, dubai marina, the sheikh zayed road, burj khalifa, dubai creek, the famous clock tower in dubai, built in 1963.

When did Dubai start to develop?

Dubai started to develop in the early 20th century, but its rapid growth and transformation into a global business and tourism hub began in the 1980s and 1990s, driven by infrastructure development, economic diversification, and tourism promotion.

How did Dubai get so developed?

Dubai got so developed due to its strategic location, visionary leadership, significant investment in infrastructure, economic diversification, and business-friendly policies that have attracted foreign investment and businesses.

Development history of Dubai; The massive, modern, and global development recorded by dubai’s history is on the rise, from a small chunk discovered by a clan inhabited by a clan to the capital of the world. Its new form and attractive vision make it one of the world’s largest destinations. Over the centuries, develop dubai was the motto of the leaders, which is what created the miracle city.

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